Is Sean Spicer the ‘Dancing With the Stars’ 2019 Underdog?

Sean Spicer attends casting with the stars cast reveal

Getty Sean Spicer arrives at Dancing with the Stars cast reveal.

Sean Spicer has been the most controversial cast member of Dancing With the Stars 2019. The former political aide has drawn the ire of fans, while some of Spicer’s actions and comments have drawn negative feedback from other celebrity outlets. All things considered, Spicer is far and away the underdog of the current DWTS season. Learn more about Spicer’s tenure on the show and his chances of winning.

Spicer’s casting was highly publicized when it was announced, and he told the Hollywood Reporter that he expected to unpopular due to his affiliation with President Donald Trump. “I’ve been living this for a while. I expect it,” he admitted. “We are where we are as a country,” Spicer went on to address the notion of diversity, and why he feels he deserves to be given a fair shake by the public.

Spicer’s Casting Has Led to Some Pushback from ‘DWTS’ Fans

“If people can tune in tonight and say, ‘Look at this diverse cast. They’re rooting for each other. They’re having a blast with each other.’ And we can, for two hours, put every policy and politics aside, root for different people, have fun, relax, then that’s what we should do more of,” he added. “And that’s why this show is such a great opportunity for people to tune in and see something that gives them a reprieve from everything else they see in their daily lives.”

In a separate interview, Spicer discussed what he hopes to achieve with his DWTS stint, and how he feels it will help move the country forward. “I think Tom has been a great host. And I firmly believe when the season is over he’s probably going to realize bringing a diverse group of people together, who can interact in a fun, civil and respectful way, is actually a way we can move the country forward in a positive way,” he told Variety. “And it will make this show an example of how Americans can disagree about politics and tune into good entertainment shows and keep their politics at bay.”

Spicer Is the Lowest Scoring Celebrity Who Remains In the Competition

Spicer is the lowest scoring celebrity remaining in the competition. His scores have stalled at a 6 after getting a high of 7 on “Halloween Night”, but he has managed to skirt elimination after every week. Spicer’s continued success has led Daily Show host Trevor Noah to call him out during one of his segments.

“I know Sean Spicer technically isn’t breaking any rules,” Noah explained. “But he is ruining Dancing With the Stars for a lot of its fans who genuinely love to watch good dancing. Because this is not supposed to be about politics. It’s about talent. And a guy who dances with the elegance of a dial-up modem logging into AOL does not deserve to win … Back in South Africa, I was lucky enough to be a Dancing with the Star… and I’m proud to say I kicked a*s because I worked hard at it.”

Tune into the latest episode of Dancing With the Stars to find out whether Spicer continues to make it through or whether he gets eliminated.