‘The Masked Singer’ Season 2 Spoilers: Singers Revealed Live on 11/6/2019

The Masked Singer Season 2 Spoilers

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Tonight, season 2 of The Masked Singer aired back-to-back episodes, with two celebrities getting unmasked. Read on below for a live recap of what went down, along with SPOILERS on which singer was revealed. To skip right to who was unmasked, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

“The Masked Singer” Spoilers Tonight

First up tonight was the Rottweiler and he said that he knew early on he was meant to be a star. He said it all started with makeup and musical theatre. H also said that he plans to be a part of this show until the “love runs out,” which was the song he performed tonight. Rottweiler is one of the more talented singers in the competition and the judges are leaning towards a former boy band member. Rottweiler did say that the members of Boyz II Men were some of his idols growing up.

Some of the guesses tonight for the Rottweiler were Kevin Jonas and Brian Littrell.

Ladybug was next and she has been rumored to be Kelly Osbourne, but we aren’t so sure. She said that growing up, her world was completely upside down, though it looked great from the outside. Another clue was a “best host” award. Ladybug said that “the queens of the world taught me to be a lady”.

For her performance, Ladybug performed a Lizzo song and it oozed confidence.

When it comes to guesses about Ladybug, Jenny McCarthy guessed Paris Jackson, Ken Jeong again guessed Lindsay Lohan, which offended the Ladybug.

The Tree was next up. She said “I’m not a regular tree. I’m a cool tree”. This sounds like it could be Amy Poehler, who said in Mean Girls that she’s “not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” A picture of the White House and a reference to Home Alone were other clues give. There were also references to the holidays. Our guess is Ana Gasteyer, who also appeared in Mean Girls.

After the Tree’s performance, she said that she has been a brand ambassador for a food.

The Penguin was next and said that she’s always been on the “D-list”. For her performance tonight, she performed a Meghan Trainor song and before she even started singing, the judges started guessing Sherri Shepherd from the clues. Sherri Shepherd has been a top guess on social media.

The Flower has been rumored to be Patti LaBelle, as well as some other big singers, but she said that she has never taken a vocal class. Other clues were a French flag and that her favorite band is Kings of Leon.

For the Flower’s performance, she sang “Cheap Thrills” by Sia.

The Fox was the next contender and he said he didn’t always fit in, that he was bullied. He said that he’s finally having confidence, as he performs in disguise. For tonight’s set, he performed a Panic! at the Disco song. Judge Robin Thicke said he thinks Fox is a professional performer. His guess was AJ McLean from The Backstreet Boys. Ken Jeong’s guess was Jamie Foxx and Nicole Scherzinger went with Ne-Yo. Wayne Brady has been a popular guess for Fox.

The character unmasked first was the Penguin. Scroll down to find out who the Penguin really is …

And then it was time for the second episode of the evening, with Anthony Anderson as a guest judge on the panel.

Black Widow was the first singer and our guess has been Raven Symone. Tonight, some of the clues were that she may have a home in Memphis as well as Bel-Air. She also had the words “scrub” and “princess” on banners. For her performance tonight, she sang “Believe” by Cher. Another clue for the Black Widow was whipped cream and crackers.

Robin Thicke’s guess was also Raven Symone.

Thingamajig was the next performer and he sang the song “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”. Nicole Scherzinger called him a “soulful crooner”. Because of Thingamajig’s height, Robin Thicke guessed Montell Jordan. Some of the other judges started to guess athletes like Dennis Rodman. One of Thingamajig’s clues tonight had to do with worms and another clue had to do with a sign language book.

The Butterfly then was up and for her clues, she showed that she used to be a car salesperson and that she was a Brit Awards winner. Her performance tonight was the song “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones. She did a beautiful job.

Scherzinger said that she thought the Butterfly could be Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child and Jenny McCarthy agreed.

Leopard was up next and “Pose” was one of the clues. There was also a violin player and the White House incorporated in the clues. Scherzinger’s first thought before the performance was Billy Porter. For Leopard’s performance tonight, he delivered a Katy Perry song. Ken Jeong’s guess for the Leopard was Bobby Brown.

Cameras were a physical clue of the Leopard’s.

The Flamingo was up next and our top guess for her is Adrienne Bailon from The Real. In her clues, she said that she has danced, sung and acted in her career. For her performance tonight, she sang a beautiful rendition of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman. The judges were in awe of the performance.

Robin Thicke’s guess tonight was Fantasia and Anthony Anderson also went with Fantasia. Jenny McCarthy, like us, guessed Adrienne Bailon.

And, the singer with the least amount of votes was … the Black Widow.

Who Got Unmasked & Eliminated on “The Masked Singer” Tonight

The Penguin was the first contestant to be unmasked and before her identity was revealed, the judges gave their final guesses. Some of their guesses included Sherri Shepherd, Megan Mullaly, Star Jones, and Mindy Kaling.

And, the Penguin was … Sherri Shepherd. The guesses were right!

Shepherd said it was her son who encouraged her to join the show.

The Black Widow was the second unmasked performer of the night and our initial guess was Raven Symone, which was the guess of several of the judges. So, who was the Black Widow?

The Black Widow was … Raven Symone.