Where Was ‘Lost in Space’ Season 2 Filmed? From Canada to More Exotic Locations

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Following in the footsteps of Lost in Space Season 1, the second season of Netflix’s hit series is similarly beautiful, with stunning landscapes and cinematography. Where was Season 2 of Lost in Space filmed? Read on for more details.

‘Lost in Space’ Season 2 Was Filmed in Canada & Iceland

Much like Season 1, parts of Season 2 of Lost in Space were also filmed in Canada. But unlike Season 1, the series also moved away from Canada to the more exotic location of Iceland.

Some Iceland locations included Skógafoss and the Dyrhólaey peninsula. One included a waterfall at Skógafoss and a black beach in Dyrhólaey. The Skógafoss waterfall scenes were filmed September 6-7, 2018, according to Iceland Magazine. They filmed by the riverbank by the waterfall and also built a large platform in that area. At the black sands west of the Dyrhólaey peninsula, crews were given permission to dig five holes for smoke machines, Iceland Magazine shared.

The Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden Circle was another filming location, Iceland Magazine also noted.

On Instagram, @zabrinamakeup shared some of the Iceland filming locations, noting that the last day was in early February. “The last day on @lostinspace Season 2.
What an epic adventure it has been. From the black beaches of Iceland, to the hoodoos of Drumheller, through the vastness of space and back again.”

Filming didn’t finish until February 2019.

Here are some photos from Mina Sundwall while they were filming in Iceland.

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i can now say i have family in iceland❤️

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glacier hopping

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One of the Canadian locations was Drumheller, which is where some desert scenes were filmed. Drumheller is northeast of Calgary in Alberta, Canada.

It’s a beautiful location for filming.

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Some people on Twitter noted that the outcrops they wanted to visit in Dorset and Drumheller were closed for filming.

Some people spotted the buggies from Lost in Space during filming.

The Drumbeller Mail shared that the region was chosen because it’s a unique location with a valley whose rugged look can pass for a futuristic planet.

It was definitely a great location with an otherworldly feel.

Here are some more behind-the-scenes photos shared by ZabrinaMakeup. These are from Canada. This first was taken in Burnaby.

And here’s another behind-the-scenes photo from Season 2, shared in November 2018.

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And a video from the first day of filming in Vancouver in September 2018.

And here are more behind-the-scenes photos from Mina Sundwall.

A lunch break shot:

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brb on my lunch break

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Lost in Space spent a lot of time filming Season 2 in Canada, including at the Wellbrook Winery.

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The new filming locations certainly do create a beautiful second season for Lost in Spacei