Why Is ‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 7 Releasing Early on Wednesday?

The Mandalorian Episode 7

Disney The Mandalorian Episode 7

Things are changing up a bit for Disney’s The Mandalorian. If you don’t keep track of the show’s schedule, you might actually miss this week’s premiere because it’s going to be early. Read on for more details and find out why the show’s releasing early.

‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 7 Is Premiering Wednesday Instead of Friday

This week’s episode of The Mandalorian is premiering early. The episode will be releasing on Wednesday rather than Friday, and it’s likely because of a Star Wars sneak peek that you can read about in the section below. That means you’ll get to watch the latest adventures of Baby Yoda early, but then you’ll have a long wait until the Season 1 finale.

Disney confirmed with Heavy that the episode is releasing two days early for this week only.

Normally, the episode would release on Friday, December 20 around 3:05 a.m. Eastern. But this week it will be releasing on Wednesday, December 18 instead. The time of the release will likely be the same as the other episodes. If you want to catch it right when it releases, look for it at 3:05 a.m. Eastern on the 18th.

Because it’s releasing on the 18th instead of the 20th, it won’t be competing with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘s release date, which is scheduled for December 20.

Then the season finale will air on Friday, December 27 at its regular date and time. Yes, you read that correctly. December 27 is already the season finale of the hugely popular show. We’ll be sad to say goodbye.

Episode 7 Will Have a Sneak Peek of the ‘Star Wars’ Movie

The description for Episode 7 revealed that we’ll be seeing a sneak peek of the new Star Wars movie in Episode 7. This is likely why Episode 7 is releasing two days early. Plus, by releasing two days early, hype for The Mandalorian won’t be competing at all with all the hype for Star Wars.

The description on Disney Plus reads: “An old rival extends an invitation for The Mandalorian to make peace. This episode will include an exclusive sneak peek at Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, in theatres everywhere on December 20.”

We don’t know any more than that about what to expect in the sneak peek, but it will probably be pretty good, judging by the other clips and sneak peeks we’ve seen so far.

Star Wars Sneak Peeks

There will be some sneak peeks and trailers below for the new movie that might be considered spoilers. 

Just this past weekend, a sneak peek for the new Star Wars movie was released in the Fortnite game. You can watch the clip below.

In the clip, we got to see Rey use the Force on Stormtroopers.

And here’s another trailer previously released that got fans really excited.

Fans have been speculating like crazy what all these trailers mean, but for the most part, Disney has done a great job of keeping the major twists in the new Star Wars movie a big mystery.

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