MTV’s ‘Catfish’ Season 8 Episode 4 Live Spoilers & Recap

Nev Schulson

Getty Producer Nev Schulman.

An anonymous tip is emailed to Nev, which says that a guy from Texas named Jesus is talking to a catfish named Alexis, who’s not who she claims to be.

Jesus lives in San Antonio. He likes wrestling and he likes the catfish he’s been talking to a lot. They tried to meet up a few times, but she had to take care of her daughter. They tried to video chat but her phone was broken. She asked Jesus for money, but he didn’t “have none.”

There’s a Nikki, a “Baby A” and an Alexis. Who is whom?

They talked about getting a place together. Then there’s his friend, Star. Is Star the catfish?

Jesus was in foster care and was abused as a child. Kammie explains that what he dealt with is not normal.

Now, Jesus is doing better. Star hopes Alexis is real. Jesus’ brain hurts from all the confusion.

Nev and Kammie do a search and find several profiles connected to the same email. Alexis, Nikki, Nicole, Tina. NickiShorty – why? “She’s been out here scammin,'” says Kammie.

They try to track her down at a park, but no one shows up. They try to call, but no one answers. Jesus asks, “what do you think is going on?”

They get a text. One of the catfish’s texts. She can’t show up because she has to work, can they meet tomorrow morning?

No excuses, says Kammie. “Are you actually going to meet up tomorrow?” The catfish says she will.

Jesus does not know what to think. He’s still holding out hope, even though he’s standing in the dark next to an abandoned baseball field.

The team rejoins in the morning. Jesus says he “deep down” believes the person who’s been jerking them around is Alexis.

Nev tells him to get real. They head to the park again. Jesus says, “Let’s do… this!”

They get out of the car and ask, “Baby A?” Yes, it’s Baby A. AKA Amanda.

But she’s there to say that not one of the people who Jesus has been talking to is actually real. The person at the root of all these profiles is a scam artist.

Jesus starts to cough.

Baby A AKA Amanda tells Jesus that she reached out to him because Nikki, Alexis, whomever, has been using pictures of her children to share with people in a fake profile on the internet. A professional catfish.

Jesus is p*ssed.

They decide to text Alexis – or whomever.

Jesus begins to cry.

Then, a text from Alexis arrives. They go to meet her at a weird apartment/hotel complex situation. Jesus is nervous. No one likes it. Nev goes to snoop around and gets a text with a room number – 106.

Kammie rouses Jesus and they head to the room. The door opens. Jesus asks, “who’s that?”

The woman who comes out freaks out on Kammie. Jesus tries to reconcile.

It’s a scam artist who’s using her daughter’s photos to scam men on the internet. Total catfish.

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