Does Rhylee Get Fired On ‘Below Deck’?

Rhylee Gerber is a deckhand on Below Deck

YouTube and Bravo Ashton Pienaar has been at odds with Rhylee Gerber all season

There’s been a lot of drama so far on the current season of Below Deck, and a good portion of that drama has involved Rhylee Gerber. It’s no secret that Ashton Pienaar has been gunning for her for quite some time now. But is he able to get her fired? The answer is a resounding “No!”

Why does Ashton have it out for Rhylee?

Pienaar has admitted that he is unattracted to Gerber’s perceived confrontational manner. He was displeased with Rhylee’s return this season, when she arrived to replace Abbi Murphy as a deckhand. Ashton has been indifferent to Rhylee since her arrival, and to be fair he hasn’t really given her a fair chance.

Another speculative theory as to why Pienaar was adamant about Gerber being relieved of her duties on the ship could be to take attention off of himself following his outburst with Kate Chastain, the chief stew onboard. The confrontation between Ashton and Kate resulted over Chastain asking Pienaar about his mother, and Pienaar subsequently becoming defensive. Kate Chastain has maintained that she was merely inquiring out of genuine kindness, not out of an ulterior motive.

Yet another reason why Pienaar may be gunning for Gerber is because Rhylee turned down Ashton’s advances last season.

Rhylee has responded to Ashton’s animosity towards her by calling him out on Instagram by saying, “Ashton, you’re too little a man to fill those big ole britches. U disgust me.”

Why wasn’t Rhylee fired?

Despite Ashton’s begging of Captain Lee Rosbach to formally fire Rhylee, she has remained a hired deckhand. In response to Pienaar’s request, the Captain has said that Ashton having it out for Rhylee’s employment status is “uncalled for.” Captain Lee may not be Rhylee’s biggest fan, but at least he’s calling out the BS being thrown her way and shutting it down!

Captain Lee Rosbach refuses to fire Rhylee Gerber

GettyCaptain Lee Rosbach refused Ashton Pienaar’s request for Rhylee Gerber to be fired.

Rhylee has proven herself to be an extremely hard worker. Let’s remember that she made her entrance this season by multitasking between working and changing clothes. Now that’s dedication! Gerber is constantly seen polishing brass, cleaning the decks, and doing any and every chore needed to make the ship run smoothly. The gal’s definitely not lazy!

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