Fans Wish Adam Levine Would Return to ‘The Voice’

The Voice

Getty Adam Levine with Maroon 5 performs onstage during the Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest.

Adam Levine fans predicted the demise of NBC’s The Voice upon his departure at the end of season 16.

At season 18, episode four, airing tonight on NBC at 8 p.m. Eastern, Levine fans are still talking about the void left behind by the former judge. The Maroon 5 singer was well-liked as he was considered to be a fair judge with undeniable talent who really helped his teams. Compared to the other judges, he was the underdog who had to deal with the relentless teasing of country star, Blake Shelton. His teams won half as many times as Shelton’s (three wins), but he helped launch the careers of three performers: Javier Colon (season 1), Tessanne Chin (season 5) and Jordan Smith (season 9).

Here’s what fans have to say about The Voice without Adam Levine:

People on Twitter Said They Would Never Watch ‘The Voice’ Again

When Levine appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to announce he was leaving The Voice, there was an immediate, emotional reaction to the news from his fans. On Twitter, Levine fans predicted that The Voice ratings would suffer, continuing to decrease over time, until the show would be cancelled. This was an opinion held by many. Several users wrote letters and emails to NBC to express their disappointment for the decision to let Levine leave. Many people said they were never going to watch The Voice again.

Fans Came to Adam Levine’s Defense & Shut Down a Troll

What was unusual about the substance of the conversation of Levine’s departure (beginning November 2019) was the overall consensus among users with minimal trolling. One thread did spring up about Levine’s behavior on The Voice, in which a Twitter user posted a tweet saying that Levine needed to leave the show because he was a “toxic” “screw-up.” This was in response to a throwback tweet posted by The Voice that remembered the time Levine’s team lost in season 16. Fans quickly came to his defense and the user was driven away.

This particular user attempted to prove her opinion by posting a piece written on the departure as substantiation for her claims. It was not well-received.

Another user actually read it and refuted it, telling her to “keep spreading your untrue rumors.” This prompted the same user to post another article about Levine in an attempt to prove her point again, saying “I have no reason to lie and there are many articles with more details. Here’s another one & after you read it, I’m done going back & forth. ADAM IS GONE! You must be a family member or something. READ!”

Again, the same user read and refuted it, calling her out and saying, “she lied about what was in the article.” Despite the user’s claims that she was done with the “back and forth,” the fight was not finished.

Levine fans were not having this and refused to give up the fight, waking up from sleep to respond to the trolling that began in order to put a stop to the “hateful” and “toxic” tweets from anti-Levine users.

Adam Levine’s Fans Were Not Impressed with Gwen Stefani

People on the internet were not entirely thrilled with NBC’s decision to replace Levine with Gwen Stefani. Among other things, they considered her relationship with Shelton to make her placement as a judge a somewhat dubious move on the part of the network, and they called her relevance and her singing talent into question.

Ultimately, users understood that Levine’s last season was a tough one for the singer and that he was probably in need of a break.

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