‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Live Recap & Elimination Spoilers for Episode 10


On the latest Survivor: Winners at War episode, it’s time to get your hankies out because it’s the episode with loved ones visiting the castaways. And this time, everyone’s kids to visit too!

The producers must have decided that that made for such a good moment with Dan Spilo last season, they had to continue it for this season — even though Spilo ended up having to be removed from the game.

So let’s all get ready to cry together. Follow along here with our live recap but be warned of elimination spoilers. All times Eastern.

Also, if you’ve been wondering what Survivor is going to do for its live finale, CBS announced this week that it will be a virtual finale where host Jeff Probst stages a reunion via computer video feed. They also announced that after the three-hour Survivor finale on May 13, the next season of The Amazing Race will begin airing in the same time slot the following week, on May 20.

8:05 — We don’t even get to see what camp was like after that completely bonkerballs Tribal Council. We get right to the loved ones visit and you guys, I’m a total mess just thinking about it. I know it seems silly to think you’d cry so hard when this happens, but if I had to go 24 days without seeing my husband and kids and then they ran out to me on the beach, I would be a GD MESS.

8:10 — I’m quietly crying until Tony Vlachos collapses in the sand, sobbing when he sees his kids and then it’s just full-on ugly crying. And Jeremy Collins too. Goodness, gracious.

8:15 — At first, Jeff Probst teases them that there’s going to be a challenge where the teens get to swim out to a buoy with their parents while the children dig in the sand. It’s a great joke but really there’s no challenge and everybody gets to go back to camp together. Awww, Survivor!

8:20 — This is the most joyous episode, I cannot handle all these families just hanging out and being friends back at camp. It’s the cutest freakin’ thing I’ve ever seen.

8:25 — BUT THEN! It turns out the Edge of Extinction people get loved ones visits too and I start ugly crying again.

8:30 — Immunity Challenge time. It’s the table balancing puzzle with letters which they’ve done before — sometimes it lasts over an hour, sometimes it lasts 15 minutes. Tony, Tyson, Nick, and Ben get out to good starts, but then Tyson and Nick drop everything and have to start over. It ends up being between Tony and Ben for the win, but Ben drops everything trying to catch Tony and Tony wins. It is his first individual immunity win ever. Good for him.

8:40 — “Slow and steady is not what I’m made of. I’m made out of fast and sloppy,” says Tony back at camp as he marvels at how he won that challenge, which gets an actual guffaw out of me. But it’s time to get everyone’s game face on. Jeremy wants to split up Sarah and Sophie, but Sarah wants to get Kim out. Tony says no way, they have to target Tyson, but Sarah is dead-set on going after Kim. The one thing I’ll say for Tony’s argument is that Tyson has A LOT of friends on the jury.

8:45 — But then, Tony, Ben, and Nick get together and wonder if they should blindside Jeremy. They think they can get Sarah and Sophie on board. Meanwhile, Kim, Jeremy and Tyson get together and decide to vote out Sophie, if they can get Denise with them and play Kim’s idol. Hmmm. Jeremy brings up his “safety without power” advantage, which would let him leave Tribal, but Tyson tells him he can’t leave Tribal because if he does they don’t have enough votes. Oooh. But Jeremy is in the crosshairs this week. Also, Sarah has the “steal a vote” advantage, so what happens with that? There are so many advantages potentially coming into play this week!

8:50 — At Tribal, everybody seems ready to play. It really does seem quite up in the air between Sophie and Jeremy. Kim starts whispering to Michele and then the whispers spread. This is crazy. Then it’s time to vote, but both Sarah and Jeremy start to say something. But neither of them wants to go first, so it’s time to vote again. Then they both start to speak again, then Sarah backs down and Jeremy forges ahead with his “safety without power” advantage. So Jeremy is leaving Tribal.

8:55 — The visible reactions from the other players are hilarious. And the Tony side of camp does not know who to vote for, so they are scrambling until Sophie says, “Why don’t the five of us go make a decision?” Wow. Then before the vote, Sarah steals Denise’s vote, which means Denise won’t vote and Sarah votes twice. Wow.

8:57 — But wait! There’s more! Before the votes are read, Kim plays her hidden immunity idol for Denise. Whoa. The votes go Denise, Denise, Sophie, Sophie, Tyson, Tyson, Tyson, and Tyson. Wow. So, Kim had the right idea, but she played her idol for the wrong person. That was crazy! Honestly, I’m excited that both Sophie and Denise are left in the game, I love them.

9:00 — There’s a tag where the jury is told by Probst they can head back to Edge of Extinction and they all run over to hug him and thank him for letting them have loved one visits too. Awwww.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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