The Hospital in ‘The Walking Dead’ Tonight Was Also in Season 5 [PHOTOS]


If you’re watching The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 15 tonight, you might notice that the hospital in the episode looks vaguely familiar. That’s because it’s the same hospital that we saw in Season 5 with Beth’s storyline. Although it’s a different hospital in-universe, alert fans who watched the episode early on AMC Premiere have noticed that the crew seems to be using the same set. Read on for photos and more details.

This article will have spoilers for Season 10 Episode 15, including a photo that we see at the very end of the episode, along with major spoilers from Season 5. 

The storyline is taking place in a different location than Season 5, so fans can rest assured that we’re not literally at the same hospital that Beth was at before. But the set may feel familiar to you when you watch the episode because it looks almost exactly the same. Not a lot was changed from Season 5 to Season 10, except adding in a lot more walkers.

Here is one set of photos comparing Season 10 (top) to Season 5. This one was first shared on a Reddit post by u/rogopops.


Here’s the scene, below, where Beth was killed and Daryl walked out with Beth in Season 5. You can see this is the same set location.

Fans say that casual viewers may not notice the similarities since Season 5 was so long ago. But others will definitely pick up on it. Of course, the show is now in Virginia and Season 5 was in Atlanta, so it’s not supposed to be the same hospital. But it sure looks the same.


Here’s a video from 2015 showing where those Season 5 scenes were filmed. The person who shared the video wrote: “I took a quick visit to the hospital they filmed both the “slabtown” and “coda” episodes of The Walking Dead. Very cool to actually see it in person. They never removed the Grady hospital lettering off the door. The real Grady hospital is in Atlanta. People who have visited this hospital in the past took advantage of the filthy/dirty windows and doors to write messages with their fingers. Some are just names and some are messages to beth and Daryl. Very cool to see this all in person.”

How Did Beta Know Where To Go?

There are more spoilers for the ending of the episode below.

As far as how Beta knew where to go in Episode 15, that’s up for debate. We were told he was heading to Ocean, but then he and the horde went somewhere else and ended up finding where the people from Alexandria are hiding. Some viewers believe he was simply tracking people’s movements (like seeing broken branches) and then also followed the cat that he ran across in order to figure out where everyone had gone.

Episode 15 was supposed to build up to a major confrontation with Beta that was going to happen for the Season 10 finale. But production had to be stopped right before Episode 16 was finished. The confrontation is still going to happen, but it’s going to be delayed until people are able to move around freely again in real life and finish the episode.

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