South Carolina’s Heather Elvis Went Missing In 2013. Was She Ever Found?

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The Charley Project Heather Elvis.

Heather Elvis, a 20-year-old waitress and student from South Carolina, went missing December 18, 2013, after she called her roommate after one in the morning and was never heard from again, according to People magazine.

Elvis has never been found.

Her car was found near a boat landing in Myrtle Beach’s Horry County boat landing and prosecutors believe that is because Elvis’ married boyfriend, Sidney Moorer, and his wife, Tammy, conspired to lure her there and kill her, according to Myrtle Beach Online.

Both Sidney and Tammy Moorer were convicted and sentenced to 30 years for conspiracy and kidnapping charges related to Elvis’ disappearance, Oxygen reported. Both have maintained their innocence.

Elvis’ disappearance is featured in Investigation Discovery’s Nine at 9 Series.

Elvis Was Having An Affair With Sidney Moorer Before Her Disappearance

According to People Magazine, Elvis met Sidney Moorer when the two both worked at a pub called the Tilted Kilt, a Celtic-themed bar and grill where Elvis was a waitress and Moorer was a maintenance man. Although Moorer was married, he and Elvis began having an affair.

Elvis’ friend, Brianna Kulzer, told People magazine that she was hesitant about the relationship between the 38-year-old, father-of-three Moorer and 20-year-old Elvis. Kulzer said that Elvis told her that Moorer had an open marriage and his wife, Tammy, had a boyfriend too; Kulzer also said Elvis told her that Moorer planned on leaving his wife.

According to local news station WHTW-13, Tammy Moorer confirmed to police after Elvis’ disappearance that she had an open marriage with Sidney and didn’t care who he was seeing.

Prosecutors’ Theory of Elvis’ Disappearance

Prosecutors said Tammy was enraged about the affair she discovered in October of 2013, according to People magazine — began to threaten Elvis and harass her with phone calls. Kulzer said that Elvis told her about the alleged harassment:

The wife threatened Heather and called her over 60 times one day, when Heather was at work … She told Heather, ‘If you don’t stop talking to my husband, I’m going to come after you. You’re going to have problems with me.’ That’s pretty much when it ended.

Worried that Elvis might be pregnant, prosecutors said the couple plotted to kidnap her, according to Oxygen. Sidney Moorer bought a pregnancy test at Walmart and called Elvis from a payphone to lure her to the Peachtree boat landing, Oxygen reported. Kulzer told People magazine that Elvis told her what Moorer had said over the phone:

She said, ‘Sidney just called me … He said he left his wife and that he wants to see me. He’s sorry for what he said and he wants to be with me.’ I said, ‘Sleep on this and we will talk about it tomorrow.’

Prosecutors also showed the jury a video of the Moorers cleaning their pickup truck, which prosecutors said was proof of them trying to hide evidence.

According to local news station WECT-6, witnesses saw Elvis with Sidney Moorer on the night she disappeared and according to cell-phone record experts, Elvis’ cell phone was traced to a Scasteee-area boat ramp at the Peachtree landing at around 3:30 p.m. on the day she went missing.

Defense Attorneys Say Moorers Are Innocent

Defense attorneys for both Moorers argued that Tammy was over her husband’s infidelity, using comments she made to police and text messages she sent, such as this one, sent a day before Elvis’ disappearance, WBTW reported:

I just had someone cheat on me that I thought was my soulmate. You never know who will screw you over in life. I felt totally betrayed. I’m better off without the liar.

Sidney said that Elvis harassed him with phone calls and notes on his car, WBTW reported. Although he initially denied it, he admitted to calling her from a payphone just to make her stop; he only made the admission after police told him they had surveillance of him making the call. Phone records, the station said, showed that the call from Sidney to Elvis lasted three minutes, but Elvis called back “nine times within 35 minutes.”

Tammy Moorer said she and Sidney “never left their house after arriving” at 3:10 a.m. The defense pointed to social media posts Tammy made and the phone calls Sidney received from Elvis, according to Myrtle Beach Online as proof they were home at roughly 3 a.m. The defense attorney also pointed out that there was no physical evidence suggesting a crime took place.

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