How to Host a May the Fourth 2020 Zoom Party Online

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Happy May the Fourth 2020! As you’re celebrating Star Wars day while in quarantine, you might be looking for ways to throw a May the 4th Zoom party this year. Your other friends who are stuck at home will likely be grateful that you took the initiative. Here are some tips to help you get started.

First, you’ll need an account so you can set up the meeting. Install the Zoom app on your phone or computer (the computer is probably best for hosting a party.) You’ll need an account so you can invite your friends to the party (aka meeting), but your friends won’t necessarily need an account to join, as long as they get an email or message from you with their unique Meeting ID.

You might want to keep your Zoom party smaller, Business Insider suggested, possibly with a minimum of five and a maximum of seven to 10 people so there’s a natural conversation flow and everyone can participate. You can just start an impromptu meeting and text the URL to everyone you want to invite or you can schedule your Star Wars party in advance.

If you’re unfamiliar with hosting a Zoom meeting, you can check out Zoom’s instructions here.

Set Up a ‘Star Wars’ Background

Set the theme with Star Wars filters, emojis, and a custom background. (If you’re not familiar with setting up a custom background, just click the Up Arrow next to “Stop Video” in the bottom left corner and click “Choose Virtual Background.”) Chose the “+” button to upload your own Star Wars background. You can even send background ideas to your friends in advance so they can set up their own. has made it easy by providing lots of backgrounds to choose from for your Zoom party. You can see all of your options here. Just click on any of the images to open the full resolution version and then save the picture on your computer for use during your Zoom party. The options include an asteroid field, Cloud City, Coruscant, the Death Star from the control room, the Death Star ruins, the Emperor’s throne on Exegol, Hoth, the Imperial Star Destroyer’s bridge, Jakku, Kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer, lightspeed travel, the Millennium Falcon, Pasaana, the Rebel Base, the Resistance Base, the Scarif Imperial Vault, Snoke’s Star Destroyer, a starfield, Starkiller Base, and Tattoine.

Want a Baby Yoda background? A Reddit user provided one here:


You might also want to have themed music on hand to liven up the mood.

Have Themed Activities

There are so many themed activities to choose from during your party, we can’t possibly list them all. But one idea is a Star Wars trivia game about the universe in general or one specifically about a movie or series in particular. (A Yoda-themed trivia game could be fun, for example.) Each person in the party could also host their own five-question trivia game to see who can stump the most people.

Do you have a dark-colored robe? You could even dress up for the party and show up as a Jedi. Create your own lightsaber from cardboard and construction paper as an added bonus.

You could also send out cocktail recipes in advance for Star Wars-themed drinks and you could all enjoy them during your party.

Join Another Party

Another idea is to join another Zoom party that’s happening tonight and ask your friends to take part in that party with you. This way you don’t have to plan, but you can all still have a lot of fun.

For example, there’s a Community Dance Pary Workout with a Star Wars theme this evening at 6 p.m. Eastern. The description reads: “Join Just Move for a virtual dance party every Monday night! It will be a mashup of dance fitness formats – Zumba, Pomsquad, Old Skool Dance Cardio and more. All you need is a space to dance! No experience or membership needed. When times are tough, let’s dance! On 5/4, it is our special Star Wars-themed playlist!” Learn more here.

Autism Ontario Windsor Essex, a group that promotes acceptance of individuals with autism spectrum disorders, is hosting a Star Wars Zoom trivia night tonight. Learn more here.

The Comedy Arena (ComedySportz DFW) is hosting a Star Wars themed virtual match on Zoom tonight. Learn more here.

On May 9, there’s a “May the Verse Be with You” Zoom party for poetry inspired by Star Wars, if you don’t have time to participate in a Star Wars party today.

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