‘Solar Opposites’ Episode 2 Voice Cast: Here Are the Special Guests


The new Hulu series Solar Opposites features familiar and new people voicing the special guests in each episode. Here’s a look at the voice cast for Episode 2, including the regular cast members and the special guests.

First, let’s look at the regular cast members for Solar Opposites that you’ll see in Episode 2. They include the following people.

Justin Roiland voices Korvo (and that’s why Korvo sounds so much like Rick from Rick and Morty.)

Thomas Middleditch voices Terry. He’s perhaps best known for playing Richard Hendricks on Silicon Valley. His other credits include B Positive, Zombieland: Double Tap (Flagstaff), Bob’s Burgers (Alex), Drunk History, Penn Zero (Penn), and more.

Sean Giambrone voices Yumyulack. His credits include The Goldbergs (Adam), Harley Quinn (voice of Joshua), Big Hero 6 (voice of Richardson Mole), The Loud House, The Secret Life of Pets 2 (Cotton voice), Tangled the Series (voice of Teenage Eugene), Clarence (voice of Jeff Randall), and more.

Mary Mack voices Jesse. Her credits include Golan the Insatiable (voice of Dylan), Trover Saves the Universe (Doopy and Answering Machine Mom’s voices), Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Zaffy in 2013 episode), and more.

Special Guests for Episode 2

So which actors were special guests for Episode 2? According to the credits, the following people were part of the episode.

Andy Daly is in this episode. His many credits include Bob’s Burgers (Auctioneer, Blake, and more), Harley Quinn (Two-Face and the President), Big City Greens (Officer Keys and others), Big Mouth (Dr. Wendy Engle, ghost of Harry Houdini, and others), American Dad! (Memphis Stormfront, Snoopaloompa, and more), Veep (Keith Quinn), Black-ish (Dr. Evan Windsor), Modern Family (Principal Brown), Trial & Error (Thom Hinkle), Future-Worm!, Adventure Time (King of Ooo, Wyatt, and more), Review, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Rick and Morty (Krombopulos Michael), The Spoils Before Dying, Eastbound & Down (Terrence Cutler), Delocated, The Life & Times of Tim, The Paul Reiser Show, and more. 

Neil Flynn is also in Episode 2. His credits include Abby’s (Fred), The Middle (Mike Heck), Vixen (Chuck McCabe voice), 5-25-77, Undateable, Surviving Jack, Scrubs (Janitor), Joey, Smallville, Clone High, and more. He’s perhaps best known for his iconic role as the janitor on Scrubs. 

June Squibb is a voice in this episode. She was Marion on Good Girls, and her other credits include Room 104, Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Good Doctor, Shameless (Etta), Grey’s Anatomy, The Visit, Modern Family, Getting On, The Jack and Triumph Show (June), The Young and the Restless (Pearl), Ghost Whisperer (Melinda’s grandmother), Judging Amy, and more.

Alan Tudyk, who’s in this episode, is perhaps best known for his role as Wash on Firefly, but he’s had a prolific career since the show ended. His many credits include Resident Alien (Harry), American Dad! (Dr. Kalgary and more), Harley Quinn (numerous voices including Clayface and Joker), Big Hero 6: The Series (Krei and more), Final Space (Todd H. Watson), The Rookie, Frozen II, Doom Patrol (Eric Morden/Mr. Nobody), Star vs. the Forces of Evil, The Tick (Dangerboat), Santa Clarita Diet (Gary), Arrested Development (Pastor Veal), Young Justice (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow/and more), Dirk Gently’s (Mr. Priest), Ralph Breaks the Internet, The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Powerless (Van Wayne), Con Man, Zootopia, Oddball, Rick and Morty, Newsreaders, Suburgatory, Chozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Good Vibes, Dollhouse (Alpha), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (K-2SO), and more.

Tom Kenny is in this episode. His voice is perhaps best known for SpongeBob SquarePants, where he voiced SpongeBob, Gary, and others. His other credits include Samurai Jack (Scaramouche), Talking Tom and Friends (Hank/Jeremy/and more), Paradise PD (Dan and others), Rick and Morty (Tour guide, Squanchy, Shadow Jacker, Million Ants, and more), Loway and Mr. Hand, Where’s Waldo?, Final Space, Niko and the Sword of Light, 3Below, American Dad! (Eric Jermesian III, Mr. Rick, and more), Victor & Valentino, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Powerpuff Girls, and much more.

Sagan McMahan stars in this episode.

Jesse Mendel stars in this episode. She’s played voices on Rick and Morty before for the episode Lawnmower Dog.

Ryan Ridley stars in this episode. He’s a writer for Rick and Morty, Community, Water and Power, Acceptable TV, The Wastelander, Utopia, and more.

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