Who Died on Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 8?


Tonight Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 8 aired, and it ended with some big unanswered questions. There have been a number of deaths on the show, and tonight’s was no exception. Here’s who died and what we know so far.

This article has major spoilers for Season 3 Episode 8: “I Killed a Man Today,” which premiered on Sunday, August 9, 2020. 

A Serial Killer Was Caught & Killed

First, there was the obvious death. Monica worked with Rainwater and other law enforcement officials to help figure out who had killed the girl from a previous episode. At first, it looked like Monica was acting unwise and just getting into a random man’s truck when her own car broke down.

As it turns out, that was all part of a sting operation with Rainwater. Monica was attacked by the man who picked her up in the truck and he was shot and killed as he tried to kill her. Then, as Rainwater’s men scoured the field where the man had taken Monica, they found other dead bodies. If you’re wondering who those bodies were, they weren’t anyone that we knew specifically from the show. However, it does appear that the man who tried to kill Monica was a serial killer himself and had taken other women to that spot to kill them, too.

Monica is dealing with a lot of mixed feelings about the man who was killed. But she talked with Kayce about it, acknowledging that she understands why he did some of the things that he did too. It had to be done to make the world a better place, she told Kayce.

But there’s a big unanswered question about tonight, too.

Colby & Teeter’s Fates Aren’t Known

Colby and Teeter

ParamountColby and Teeter

Wade and his men cornered Colby and Teeter in a river while Teeter was trying to convince Colby to go skinny-dipping with her. Teeter was in a very compromising position and neither had a weapon nearby to protect themselves.

For what was longer than comfortable for most viewers, Wade and his men rode their horses through the river, stomping at and whipping Colby and Teeter while they desperately tried to swim to safety and keep breathing. At one point we see them with their heads above water, gasping for breath, but then Wade and his men keep on whipping at them through the water and riding their horses violently over where the two are swimming.

When the men ride away finally, the river is empty and we don’t see any sign of Colby or Teeter.


So really, we have no idea if they are alive or dead. I can’t put them in the list of people who died, because that’s a big unknown as of the end of the episode. Even the premiere for next week was very careful not to give away their fate.

The only place I thought we’d have a chance of seeing them was in this screenshot below from the trailer for next week, but I couldn’t spot either one:


Denim Richards, who plays Colby, hasn’t tweeted yet since the episode aired. Jen Landon, who plays Teeter, shared a tweet that is messing with fans’ minds.

She wrote: “Till death do us part? @DenimRichards #skinnydipping #YellowstoneTV”

So as far as a final count of who died on tonight’s episode, it looks like we’re going to have to wait until next week to learn if Colby or Teeter should be included in that list.

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