‘Yellowstone’ Opening Song & Lyrics: Ryan Bingham (Walker) Is in Trouble Again

Walker on Yellowstone

Yellowstone Walker on Yellowstone

Ryan Bingham is back as Walker on Yellowstone, and it looks like he’s going to be around for a while. But what was that song he sang in the opening of Yellowstone Season 3 Episode 9 tonight? Read on for details.

Ryan Bingham’s Opening Song Is Called ‘Snake Eyes’

That opening song by Ryan Bingham is called “Snake Eyes.”

Here’s a video of Bingham performing the song:

Ryan Bingham – SnakeEyesawe.sm/1L7Q Ryan Bingham – SnakeEyes. "Snake Eyes" is from the album Roadhouse Sun, click here to get it at iTunes: awe.sm/1L7Q2009-08-31T23:01:33Z

The lyrics for Snake Eyes include:

Fallin’ down on me, before you taste the rage
Burn me down, I’m a book, not a page
Lend me your dream, here’s a wing for my pay
When the shoe’s on the other foot, you ain’t got much to say
I know you see the ghost on the side of the road
Silhouettes of headlights are where ya gonna go
You see your mama smile, you hear a song that you adore
‘Amazing Grace’ won’t unlock your door
Now it’s time for you to shed your snake eyes
It’s time for you to go
Lay on the table the rest of your lies
It’s time for you to go
Cause all the cryin’ is over, all the love is gone
And all that remains are the words in a song
And anywhere but here is where I belong
None of your prophecies have ever seen where I’ve gone
Now it’s time for you to shed your snake eyes
It’s time for you to go
Lay on the table the rest of your lies
It’s time for you to go

Here’s a video of Bingham performing the song in 2010:

VideoVideo related to ‘yellowstone’ opening song & lyrics: ryan bingham (walker) is in trouble again2020-08-16T22:48:27-04:00

Jen Landon, who plays Teeter, tweeted that she loves Bingham’s song.

Want to know other songs that played tonight? The next song we heard was “This Way of Life” by Garrett Bradford.

We also heard Modern West’s “You Won’t See It Coming.”

For now, it looks like Walker is going to live. In case you need a refresher on his background and why Rip was so angry, here’s a quick recap.

In Season 2 Episode 2, Walker told Rip that he was leaving that night and made a comment about having a connection with Beth just like Rip does. That was the wrong thing to say and might be a reason why Rip is not happy to see Walker right before he and Beth are supposed to be getting married.

During that encounter in Season 2 Episode 2, Rip was ready to gut Walker, but his assistant stepped in with a gun. Walker was done and ready to leave. Rip told him that he’d find Walker wherever he goes.

Walker left, but Kayce and John stopped him on the way out. He told them he’s quitting because he’s a cowboy and they wanted more from him. “It’s not going to happen again,” Kayce said. But Walker said someone else says differently. John told him that he and Kayce run the place and Walker shouldn’t listen to anyone else. “Head on back to the bunkhouse,” John told him.

So Walker stuck around a while longer, even helping Rip cover up for Jamie and hiding Jamie’s murder. They made it look like Sarah, a woman Jamie had killed, had actually drowned. But that made Walker an accessory to murder and once he realized it, he was really done with the ranch and left once and for all. Rip told him he could leave the ranch just like he had always wanted, as long as he promised to keep the secret to himself. Kayce drove Walker out of the ranch and told him to keep his mouth shut about whatever secret he was keeping.

As it turns out, Rip had told Kayce to kill Walker. But Kayce doesn’t murder people, so he refused. And once again tonight, Kayce stood up to Rip and insisted that he does not murder people in cold blood. Good for Kayce.

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