PREDICTIONS: Who Will Be Eliminated First on DWTS 2020?


ABC Season 29 of "Dancing With the Stars" is here, but one of the celebrity dancers will be kicked off after their first performance.

Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars is here all-new celebrity dancers like Backstreet Boys star AJ McClean, rapper Nelly, Selling Sunset star Chrishelle Stause, Olympic skater Johnny Weir and Tiger King subject Carole Baskin–just to name a few. Viewers are in for an interesting season, but who will be let go first? There’s no way for us to know for sure, but we can make some predictions.

Who Will Be Eliminated First on DWTS 2020?

The first person eliminated on Season 29 of the dancing competition could be Baskin. For one, the big cat activist, who garnered fame through Netflix’s viral hit Tiger King, admitted to Us Weekly that she has no background in dance.

“[Rehearsals] made me aware of muscles that I didn’t have. There’s an awful lot of things that ache!” she said.

Don’t count Baskin out just yet. The star said she’s really competitive and wants to get her ballroom technique right. “I’ve always been really determined and extremely competitive within myself,” she said. “I think the most challenging aspect is that I’m a workaholic==I work seven days, 70 hours a week. To be limited to three to four hours of rehearsals has been so difficult for me. I want to rehearse all day, every day until I get it right.”

As shown on social media, Baskin has undergone a fitness journey, where she looks much slimmer than what viewers saw in Tiger King. We won’t know who she’s partnered with until the premiere, but Baskin shared that she’ll be doing the paso doble to “Eye of the Tiger.” She told producers that she doesn’t want her costume to contain any fur or feathers.

This TV Host Might Also Be The First To Go

While Baskin might not have the skills to dance her way to the Mirrorball Trophy, she does have a cult following that could get her enough fan votes to take her to the next round. If so, another potential celebrity to go home first could be The Real co-host Jeannie Mai. Like Baskin, she doesn’t have much experience when it comes to sashaying on the dancefloor and even joked that her only moves consist of the Electric Slide.

“I’ve never ballroom danced. My dancing skills range between electric sliding at weddings to dancing on top of a couple of speakers at bachelorette parties and raves,” Mai told People. “So I would say it’s about a ratchet 10,  if ratchet was on the board.”

“When it comes to the ballroom, I’ve got two left feet, and I realized I need some vitamins for my ankles. I never knew that I had crappy ankles,” she added. “They’re terrible. They hurt so much.”

To find out who goes home first, don’t miss Season 29 of Dancing With the Stars when it debuts on ABC on Monday, September 14, at 8 p.m. ET.