‘American Idol’ Winner Explains Return to Music

Taylor Hicks


Taylor Hicks holds a title that only 21 people can lay claim to and that’s the label of being an “American Idol’ winner. The season 5 winner has been absent from the music world for quite a long time but has finally begun releasing new music this year.

Hicks shared in an interview with Parade why he decided to get back into the game after 14 years with no new music. His return is highlighted with his debut at the Grand Ole Opry.

Taylor Hicks Credits The Bobby Bones Show For Return

Hicks told Parade that much of his return can be credited to The Bobby Bones Show. “American Idol” fans will recognize Bones as a former mentor on the series. The radio host brought Hicks on for a segment in February 2023 which saw Hicks debut a new single, “Porch Swing.” The reason Hicks was brought on in the first place was because Bones was such a big fan of his.

“I was obsessed for like five years,” Bones told Hicks in the interview. “When you would perform, I’d be like, ‘That’s the kind of music I like. That’s my guy.’… everything about that dude is what I like musically.”

With Hicks being asked to come on, he figured that would be a good time to bring out some new music. He told AL.com that he’s not currently with a label, which is why he chose his radio interview as a good time to show the world what he had been working on.

While appearing on The Bobby Bones Show, Hicks said he was appreciative for the opportunity, “When you go through the peaks and valleys, you’re very grateful when an opportunity like this comes up.”

Taylor Hicks is Joining the Country Movement

In speaking with Parade, Hicks said the combination of his appearance on The Bobby Bones Show and the “soulful and bluesy” transition into country music has made now the perfect time for him to get back into the world of music.

“I’ve been working on an album now for a little over 10 years,” Hicks said, adding that he’s been recording at Zac Brown’s studio in Nashville.

With the country backing, Hicks said he is able to accomplish what he wants on this record as far as “the representation of the kind of artist and sonically” who he is. Hicks released “Porch Swing” on February 21, 2023 and dropped “Teach Me To Dance” on June 16, 2023. He hasn’t announced officially when his fourth album will come out it’s been a while in between as “The Distance” released on March 10, 2009.

He said those two songs were written within the last 10 years, “The Bobby Bones interest was the catapult to finally let the doves fly, so to speak.” Hicks also had the chance to play “Porch Swing” while appearing as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Hicks, who defeated Katherine McPhee in the season 5 finale of ‘Idol,’ said to expect his fourth album in 2024. He will serve as a co-writer for several songs while also adding that he’ll be a solo writer, as well.

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