Fan Breaks Into ‘American Idol’ Star’s Home For Second Time, Tries to Kiss Him

"American Idol" alum Daniel Seavey

Zach Sang Show / YouTube "American Idol" alum Daniel Seavey

“American Idol” season 14’s 9th-place finisher Daniel Seavey received quite the scare this week. TMZ has heard from Seavey’s manager, Randy Phillips, and has reported that one fan of the band Why Don’t We’s frontman entered his home in Los Angeles this past Sunday, December 18, went to his bedroom, and tried to bend over and give Seavey a kiss.

Seavey, who was hanging out in his room, was frightened and had to physically remove the fan, Eissa Amira, from his home before calling the police. Amira did not flee, but rather sat on Seavey’s front steps. Security footage obtained by TMZ show the police arriving and handcuffing Amira. According to Phillips, Amira kept yelling, “I love you, Daniel!” while being escorted to the police car.

This was not Seavey’s first run-in with Amira. The two first came into contact this summer when Amira entered the singer’s home while he was away.

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Daniel Seavey has amassed quite the following after his stint on “American Idol” thanks to his wildly successful band, Why Don’t We, formed of different musicians who were building careers on YouTube and wanted to start a band and perform together.

Why Don’t We formed in 2016 and have released two studio albums, 2018’s “8 Letters” and 2021’s “The Good Times and the Bad Ones”. Ahead of their first album, People sat down with the band to get to know them a little better, and uncovered that Seavey knows how to play 20 instruments.

“The first instrument I ever played was my sister’s pink toy piano. It was three feet long and I just started messing around at 4 years old,” Seavey said, going on to explain that nowadays he plays “over 20 instruments by ear. I can just pick it up.”

His favorite of his many instruments is the cello, with Seavy saying, “It’s just really unique sounding.”

While Why Don’t We went on an indefinite hiatus earlier this year after complications with their management, Seavey has started releasing and playing music as a solo artist, and is going on a tour of his own in the new year.

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