Katy Perry Responds to Questions About Her Daughter on Live TV

Katy Perry

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Fans have recently been calling for “American Idol” judge Katy Perry to apologize for mom-shaming a contestant who auditioned for the show, and now in a live taping for “The View”, Perry shared her mothering style with viewers.

Perry was joined on “The View” stage by its five co-hosts as well as her fellow “American Idol” judges ahead of season 21’s Hollywood Week episodes airing, and while there host Alyssa Farah Griffin asked Perry, “You’re such a fun judge to watch because you really take coaching the talent seriously, you give them such good advice, we love it… I’m wondering, do you think you’re going to be a future stage mom with [your 2-year-old daughter Daisy]?”

“Oh! No! I’m going to let her grow into a strong young woman, I’m going to support her in whatever she wants to do and I’m going to let her try everything. I’m going to hopefully give her freedom and just raise her with all the love,” Perry said of the daughter she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom. She added that she hopes that once she gets a cell phone Daisy will still “want to text us back at 13”.

Fans Want Katy Perry to Issue a Public Apology

Despite her hopes to raise her daughter with freedom and love, fans have been calling Perry out for her comment towards another mother on “American Idol” season 21. During her audition, 25-year-old contestant Sara Beth Liebe revealed that she was a mother of three children, which prompted a shocked reaction from the judges who all thought she was 16 when she first entered the room, especially Perry, who got out of her seat for a moment.

“If Katy lays on the table I think I’m going to pass out,” to which Perry responded, “Honey you’ve been laying on the table too much.”

Immediately after Liebe finished her first song, Perry said “That’s not enough”, wanting to see more from Liebe. After her second song, Perry changed her stance, saying “accidental American Idol”, but encouraged Liebe to only pursue singing if she truly felt it was her dream.

Perry’s joke and behavior towards Liebe came under a lot of scrutiny from fans, with many flooding Perry’s Instagram comments with calls to apologize to Liebe, who made a TikTok video explaining the moment from the show and sharing that she was embarrassed to see Perry’s comment about her air on television.

Liebe moved on to Hollywood Week with a “Yes” from Perry and Bryan, but a “No” from Richie. Her fate in Hollywood will be revealed when season 21 returns on Sunday, April 2, and Monday, April 3, at 8 p.m. Eastern on ABC.

Katy Perry Saw Her Music Performed on a Broadway Stage

While in New York City to film her appearance on “The View”, Perry stopped in to see the Broadway musical “& Juliet”, which features a few of the pop star’s singles. The musical tells the story of Juliet from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet” if she did not die at the end, and is set to the music of Swedish songwriter Max Martin, who has collaborated with Perry (as well as many other pop stars) on multiple occasions. In addition to featuring Perry’s songs “Teenage Dream”, “I Kissed a Girl”, and “Roar”, the “& Juliet” soundtrack also features music originally made famous by Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson, Céline Dion, and others, with each song in the soundtrack having been co-written by Max Martin during his career.

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