Fans Slam Lala Kent’s New Podcast Co-Host

Lala Kent

Getty Lala Kent is photographed in 2021.

Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent broke up with her fiance, Randall Emmett, in October 2021. The former couple shares a 9-month-old daughter named Ocean. Kent and Emmett also were co-hosts on the podcast, “Give Them Lala … With Randall,” until they ended their relationship. 

According to Us Weekly, the mother-of-one confirmed in a November 2021 Instagram post that her former fiance would no longer be her podcast co-host. She also disclosed that she would be renaming the podcast “Give Them Lala.” 

“SURPRISE! My brand new Give Them Lala podcast launches this Wednesday, 11/24 [white heart emoji] I’m so excited to start this new chapter with all of you,” read a portion of the post’s caption. 

She also shared that fans can expect the podcast to cover “relationships, sex, betrayal, mental health, personal life and business.” 

“My top priority for this podcast is to make my listeners feel heard, understood and inspired. To give you honesty. To give you motivation. To give you Lala,” wrote the reality television star. 

Since Emmett’s exit, Kent’s assistant, Jessica, whose last name has not yet been revealed, has served as the podcast’s co-host. In “Vanderpump Rules” season 9, episode 11, the Bravo personality decided to hire the assistant after interviewing a few candidates. 

Some Fans Do Not Appreciate Lala Kent’s New Podcast Co-Host

Some fans do not appreciate that Kent has decided to co-host a podcast with her employee. On December 15, one Reddit user took to the “Vanderpump Rules” subreddit to voice their concern about the Bravo star’s choice of co-host. The commenter noted that on an episode of “Give Them Lala,” uploaded on December 15, 2021, Jessica complimented Kent for navigating being a mother amid her breakup.

“There is a reason people do podcasts with co-hosts that are their friend or family member or someone who IS NOT YOUR EMPLOYEE. Because she f***ing sounds like one. She is up Lala’s a** further then proctologist’s colonoscopy scope. It was so hard to listen too. It was comparable to when I taught middle school and you would have the one kid groveling to the perceived ‘cool kids’ by compliment bombing and blowing smoke up their butts for a crumb of affection,” wrote the Reddit user.

The commenter also noted that Jessica stated on the December 15 podcast episode that she “knows women personally who have gone through a lot less and literally can’t get out of bed for a month.” She then asserted that Kent is “inspiring.” 

Quite a few social media users flocked to the post’s comment section. 

“It’s soooo bad . Even her voice sounds like the quintessential a** kissing voice. I cannot take it,” wrote one commenter

“Ugh vomit. No lala is not, and will never be that great. This lady is an idiot. I guess lala payrolls people really good now I mean wtf nothing she ever did was this great sorry,” added another

“Ugh I agree it was hard to listen to, she was up Lala’s a** the entire time. You can support your friend without sounding like a total a** kisser. I listened for the diamond story but yeah the cohost was baaad. Someone let her know because it could be a good pod if she tones it down,” chimed in a third social media user.

One commenter shared that they had an issue with Jessica comparing Kent to women who have gone through similar circumstances. 

“There’s actually a ton of women who have been through wayyyyy more than [Kent] and get out of bed everyday, provide for their children, etc. and they don’t have a quarter of the resources and opportunities [Kent] has. They can both kindly go f*** themselves,” wrote the Reddit user

Lala Kent Spoke About Motherhood in May 2021

While speaking to Access Hollywood in May 2021, Lala Kent shared how she has adapted to motherhood. She asserted that becoming a mother is “beyond anything anyone could have prepared [her] for.” 

“I am just over the moon, so many people, I would ask them what is that moment like when you give birth and of course, the second I gave birth, it was just like euphoric and I want to relive that moment over and over again for the rest of my life,” said the reality television star. 

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