Kristen Doute: Raquel Leviss Was Telling the Truth About ‘You Know Who’

Raquel Leviss and Kristen Doute.

Getty Images Kristen Doute (right) says Raquel Leviss wasn't lying about one thing.

There’s plenty more drama coming out of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” ahead of the season 11 premiere in 2024.

Responding to bold claims made by former star Raquel Leviss about costar Kristen Doute and James Kennedy — who was in previous relationships with both women — Doute did not deny what Leviss called a “tumultuous relationship” between the two.

“Obviously, I agree with what Rachel says about you know who,” Doute said August 17 on her Instagram Stories, using Leviss’ birth name.

Raquel Leviss Believes Bravo Doesn’t Want Kristen Doute Talking About Her Relationship Troubles With James Kennedy

Doute’s response came after the second part of Leviss’ three-part interview with Bethenny Frankel on Frankel’s “Just B” podcast was released on August 17, 2023.

Leviss asserted to Frankel, a former star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New York,” that the network has tried to restrain Doute from discussing Doute’s relationship with Kennedy. Leviss and Kennedy dated for five before years before becoming engaged in 2021, according to Us Weekly. The pair split about a year later, the magazine reported.

“Kristen was just starting to talk about her tumultuous relationship with James and what happened behind closed doors, and then all of a sudden she’s presented with this spinoff, which I believe is a way to silence her – to keep that under wraps – so that the longevity of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ can continue,” Leviss, 28, told Frankel.

Leviss’ comments to Frankel came just weeks after Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Bravo had ordered a “Vanderpump Rules” spinoff that is set to feature Doute and another “Vanderpump Rules” star, Jax Taylor.

The interview was released just over a month after TMZ reported on July 14, 2023, that Leviss had spent two months in a recovery facility in Arizona to work on her mental health.

Kristen Doute Says That Raquel Leviss Wasn’t Lying in 1 Clip That She Saw

On August 17, 2023, Doute took to her Instagram Stories to say that Leviss did say at least one thing in the interview that was true without specifying exactly what that one thing may have been.

“I have received lots of DMs, text messages, and all of that good stuff regarding the Bethenny and Rachel interview,” Doute, 40, said. “Bethenny hasn’t reached out to me. However, I will say Rachel is not lying in the small clip that I heard. But, she’s telling some truths. But I was definitely not offered some sort of hush money for anything like that.

“That’s all I really have to say,” she said. “Rachel did say some things factually.”

Doute reiterated that she’d seen only “one small, small clip” of Leviss’ interview with Frankel. “I’m not that invested. I was just saying from the one little TikTok that I did see, she was telling the truth about some things — except for the hush money part.”

Hours later, Doute returned to Instagram Stories to clarify her point once more and noted that she wasn’t presented with any sort of opportunity to “silence” her.

“I have not listened to Bethenny’s podcast with Rachel. I saw a TikTok that had a clip that had my name in it, so that is what I was responding to,” she said.

About the “you know who” reference in her Instagram Story, she said: “I think I’ve made my feelings very clear.” she continued, adding that , as Leviss implied.

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