Josh Altman Dishes on Upcoming MDLLA Plot & Cast Changes

MDLLA Season 14 Cast

Getty Josh Altman of "Million Dollar Listing" poses at a showing.

Josh Altman, coming through with some major info on the upcoming season 14 of Bravo hit show “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.”

Many know Altman as a competitive go-getter and real estate mogul, who is a staple on MDLLA. He brings the fire and the know-how. He also brings some exciting news about the new season of MDLLA, the cast changes and fresh format to the show. And, all while he’s filming the new season, he’s also been launching a new venture called BidMyListing. The site “evens the playing field” when it comes to matching up agents with sellers.

BidMyListing shared with Heavy that “in the first 3 days of the BidMyListing website going live, 6,000 real estate agents have registered to bid on listings, 350 real estate agents are registering daily, and more than 240 homeowners have sought to list their homes.”

Speaking with Altman about the new season of MDLLA, he had a lot to say. From the exit of several stars to a new direction the show is taking. He also revealed who viewers may see a lot more of this season.

Here’s the rundown from our conversation with the fun and spirited Josh Altman.

HEAVY: So, you’re currently filming season 14 of “Million Dollar Listing.” How’s that going?
Altman: Good. When I started, I didn’t even shave. Now I’m an old man. We’re having fun. We’re a couple of months into it. It’s fun because we’re changing it up this year. We all took a long, hard look. It’s been a success and we’ve all been on TV a long time. We want to keep it fresh and after “Million Dollar Listing,” Josh Flagg and I did the show “Josh and Josh” and we got a huge response from people who really liked the personal stories just as much as people liked the really cool real estate.
Heather Altman: (Jokingly chiming in in the background.) “We” as in Heather.

Altman: (Laughs.) Yeah, “we” as in Heather. So, we really decided to do that with “Million Dollar Listing” where we’re really diving into more personal stuff. I mean, there’s always going to be crazy drama with these multi-million-dollar listing. But, it’s not like we’re fighting all the time. On the the show it’s me, Fredrik (Eklund) is no longer there. The British guys (James Harris and David Parnes) are no longer there. It’s just me, Josh and Tracy (Tutor). What’s cool is we’re all friendly. We all work together a lot. We all hang together when we’re not working.

For instance, Tracy and her boyfriend and Heather and I went out to dinner last night … What’s cool about “Million Dollar Listing” now is we’ve all had a lot of success. We’re all different in our styles but we’ve all learned to embrace those styles, laugh at them but also learn to work together, which you saw on “Josh and Josh.” So, “Million Dollar Listing” is going to be a lot more like that, which I’m really excited about.

You film a TV show for 14 years, it’s nice to change it up.

Heather Altman, Josh Altman Wife

GettyHeather Altman and Josh Altman pose together at an event in 2018.

Altman also revealed to Heavy that viewers will be seeing “a lot” more of his wife Heather Altman, who he met on MDLLA. She started on the show working with former cast member Madison Hildebrand.

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