Cobra Kai Creators Tease Exciting Information About Season 4

William Zabka and Ralph Macchio Comic-Con

Getty William Zabka and Ralph Macchio speak at the 2019 Comic-Con in San Diego.

Following a brief pause in production due to the coronavirus pandemic, “Cobra Kai” season 4 started shooting in January. One of the show’s creators and executive producers, Jon Hurwitz, recently revealed on social media that the cast and crew are finally headed home after filming the upcoming season for four months in Atlanta, Georgia. The Twitter post, uploaded on May 1, included a picture of Hurwitz and the show’s other creators, Josh Heald and Hayden Schlossberg. 

“We’re going, going, back, back, to Cali, Cali! It was a challenge filming a season of TV during a pandemic, but our cast and crew waxed on, struck hard, and bit like eagles each and every day. The end result will be our most ambitious season yet! Can’t wait for you to see it!” read the tweet. 

The Show’s Other Co-Creators Also Shared Information About Season 4 on Twitter

The creators share how they feel about the relationship

GettyJosh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg attend the premiere screening of “Cobra Kai” season 2.

Heald also posted a tweet on April 30 to commemorate season 4 being ready for post-production. He stated that he has “been riding a pendulum from exhausted to exhilarated (and back again) for the past four months.” He went on to say that “[i]t feels tremendous to wrap” the show’s fourth season, but clarified that “it feels even better knowing that [they] conquered [their] most ambitious season yet.”

Similarly, on April 29, Schlossberg teased information about the upcoming season on his Twitter account. He suggested that fans of the martial arts franchise, like himself, will enjoy “Cobra Kai” season 4. 

“It’s tough to say what my favorite Cobra Kai moments are, but these past few days we’ve shot stuff that rivals anything we’ve done. The Karate Kid fan in me can’t believe what’s going on. #CobraKai4,” wrote Schlossberg.

Season 4 May Include a Villian From “the Karate Kid Part III”

Ralph Macchio

GettyRalph Macchio is photographed at ‘The IMDb Show’ in 2019.

The show’s creators were not specific about what has made “Cobra Kai” season 4 so special. However, based on comments Ralph Macchio made on the “Sway” podcast, the fourth season may include characters from the 1989 film “The Karate Kid Part III.” During the January interview, the actor revealed that he was not a fan of the film, as he believed his character Daniel LaRusso had regressed. 

“I just felt for the LaRusso character — he never went forward. It felt like we were redoing the first movie in a cartoon kind of sense without the heart and soul,” explained the actor. 

He stated, however, that he accepted the legacy of the film after working on “Cobra Kai” with Hurwitz, Heald, and Schlossberg. 

“Jon, Josh, and Hayden are big fans of ‘The Karate Kid Part III,’” said the actor. 

In April 2020, Schlossberg also revealed on Twitter that his favorite character from the “Karate Kid” franchise is Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith). As fans are aware, the businessman attempts to sabotage Daniel’s martial arts skills and the chance of winning the 1985 All Valley Tournament in “The Karate Kid Part III.” In the “Cobra Kai” season 3 finale, ruthless sensei John Kreese (Martin Kove) seems to be contacting Silver for his help once again. 

While it has not been confirmed by the show’s creators, Robert Mark Kamen, who wrote the first three “Karate Kid” movies, disclosed that Thomas Ian Griffith will be reprising the iconic role. During a February live stream, uploaded on the Cobra Kai Theory YouTube channel, he asserted that Silver “will be in season 4 and season 5 of ‘Cobra Kai.’”

Fans will soon find out if Silver does appear on the show, as the fourth season of “Cobra Kai” will likely be available to stream on Netflix in late 2021. 

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