The Real Reason Ali & Johnny Did Not Kiss in Cobra Kai

Johnny and Ali Almost Kiss

YouTube Johnny and Ali nearly kiss in 'Cobra Kai.'

As fans of Cobra Kai are aware, Dr. Ali Mills Schwarber (Elisabeth Shue) appeared in the show’s third season. Before her arrival, the Colorado-based doctor corresponded with her ex-boyfriend Johnny Lawrence (William “Billy” Zabka) on Facebook. While she is visiting her parents, she invites him to get lunch, which he happily accepts in Season 3, Episode 9.

During Season 3, Episode 9 Johnny & Ali Nearly Kiss

Ali (Elisabeth Shue) and Johnny (William Zabka) say goodbye in Season 3, Episode 10.

YouTubeAli (Elisabeth Shue) and Johnny (William Zabka) say goodbye in Season 3, Episode 10.

While at the restaurant, they fondly talk about the beginning of their relationship. The conversation then turns to the topic of Johnny becoming a karate teacher. He momentarily allows Ali to believe that he has a successful career before revealing that he spent most of his adulthood partying. He also notes that he has been a disappointment to his son, Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan). In response, she discloses that her life is not perfect despite “doing everything by the book.” She then states that she has separated from her husband, Dr. Gregory Schwarber.

“The good news is, it’s nobody’s fault. Greg is actually a great guy,” asserts Ali.

“He’s an idiot,” replies Johnny.

Ali is charmed by the comment and says, “I love that after all these years you can still make me laugh.”

Johnny proceeds to apologize for his treatment of her during their relationship and   they eventually go to Golf N’ Stuff. After they spend time playing arcade games, mini-golfing, and going on the Ferris wheel, they sit down on a bench together. Ali remarks that she is cold and Johnny puts his arm around her shoulder in an attempt to warm her up. They nearly kiss before Ali is distracted by a text message. 

‘Cobra Kai’ Co-Creator Josh Heald Has Addressed the Former Couple’s Lack of Kissing

Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio) share a moment in Cobra Kai Season 3, Episode 8.

YouTubeJohnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio) share a moment in Cobra Kai Season 3, Episode 8.

While fans may have been disappointed by the former couple’s lack of kissing, Cobra Kai co-creator Josh Heald noted that it was a purposeful choice by the writers. During a January interview with TVLine, he disclosed that fans almost got to see the couple kiss. 

“We went back and forth on that almost-kiss and we came really close to maybe saying it could’ve been a real kiss,” explained Heald.

He then made reference to the fact that Ali helped Johnny realize that he wanted to have a committed relationship with Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio) in Season 3 Episode 10. He told the publication: 

 Ultimately, we wanted to preserve that moment on the steps when she helps Johnny realize that his life makes sense with Carmen in it, and we didn’t want to feel like he needed to have a little bit of a dalliance to get there. It was more of an emotional connection [with Ali] than a physical one. That should be the takeaway there.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Elisabeth Shue shared similar sentiments. She noted, however, that she had wanted the two characters to kiss.

“But yeah, I would have been up for a kiss. Are you kidding me? I’m bummed!” said the actress. “They could have had a kiss! I think it was in deference to wanting Johnny to feel that he could go back to his relationship [with Carmen], which meant so much to him, without feeling that he had anything to feel conflicted about. I’m sure that was the reason. Other than that, I would’ve gone right in there and gotten a great one.”

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