Are CVS & Walgreens Open New Year’s Eve & Day 2021-2022?

CVS and Walgreens for New Years

Getty CVS and Walgreens

Even if you’re planning to watch football on New Year’s Day or go out for a big party on New Year’s Eve, you might also need to do some last-minute shopping. If so, you might be wanting to know if CVS or Walgreens are open on New Year’s Eve 2021 and New Year’s Day 2022? The good news is that yes, most locations are open for the holidays, although hours can vary.

Most CVS Locations Are Open for New Year’s Eve & Day

Most CVS locations will be operating their regular hours for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. However, some locations might vary, and of course, pharmacy or Minute Clinic hours can also vary or may not be open at all.

Heavy also viewed the online hours for local CVS stores and noted that many say for both the pharmacy and the retail store that you should “call to confirm” the hours for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

If you’re wanting to go to CVS on New Year’s Eve or Day, you may need to call to confirm hours or check the store locator online. The store locator will include a phone number that you can call for more information. Click here to find a CVS location near you.

The CVS representative also shared with Heavy that CVS is not offering COVID-19 testing on New Year’s Day, and will not be taking COVID-19 vaccination appointments on New Year’s Day either. However, stores might accept walk-ins for COVID-19 vaccinations on New Year’s Day based on store capacity.

CVS has a lot of great deals that you might want to check out, which may vary by location. You can shop in the store or you can have the items delivered in many locations, such as by Instacart. Instacart CVS orders are often delivered in as little as an hour, depending on availability.

You can find all of CVS’ online specials here.

Most Walgreens Stores Will Be Open New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day 2021

Most Walgreens stores are going to be open this year for both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. A local Walgreens representative told Heavy previously that most 24-hour Walgreens continue operating 24-hours for the holiday. Stores that aren’t 24-hour are typically open for the holiday too, but not all.

Click here to find a Walgreens location near you and find out its exact hours on New Year’s Eve & Day. You’ll want to confirm the hours of your local Walgreens before heading over.

Heavy checked some local stores and found that some are closing early for New Year’s Eve and some are closed on New Year’s Day, while others are open for their full regular operating hours. So you will definitely need to check your store locator before heading over, as hours can vary from location to location.

You can see Walgreens’ gifts of the week here, along with weekly ads and coupons that are good through New Year’s Day.

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