Danica McKellar Shares Details on ’80s Love Triangle With Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar

Getty Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar.

Two  “Dancing With the Stars” competitors had a lot more than a rivalry for the mirrorball trophy. When “Wonder Years” star Danica McKellar vied for DWTS win in 2014, fellow former child star Candace Cameron Bure(“Full House”) was also on the cast.

But it turns out the two had more in common than childhood star pasts. In a September 2023 interview on Fox News, McKellar revealed she was in a love triangle with Bure – and she didn’t even know about it at the time.

The timeframe was the late 1980s, when both women were riding high on the success of their ABC sitcoms, and the suitor in question was “Growing Pains” star Jeremy Miller.

“So, in 1989, I believe it was, there was this party that a teen magazine was putting on and Jeremy Miller, who was also a young actor, he was at this party,” McKellar said. “I was there, and Candace was there. and he asked me to be his girlfriend. And I was like, ‘Yes!’ And I didn’t know at the time, but I guess Candace thought that she and Jeremy were dating.”

“I found out years later on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ I found out that she was like, ‘Oh, we were dating. I’m like, What?’” McKellar revealed. “So, Jeremy, tsk tsk, not good.”

The actress called the teen love triangle “silly” and noted that they were all so young that it wasn’t anything serious. McKellar also clarified that her friendship  with Bure “survived just fine.”

Danica McKellar & Candace Cameron Bure Found Out They Overlapped Dating Jeremy Miller When They Were on DWTS

Getty Candace Cameron Bure and Danica Mckellar in 2019.

When McKellar and Cameron Bure reunited to compete on DWTS, they compared notes on their mutual boyfriend from 25 years prior. The two gave the scoop on the love triangle in a backstage chat with E! News. At the time, McKellar claimed she had no idea that Miller broke up with Bure for her. “I knew that Candace was Jeremy’s ex-girlfriend,” she admitted. “But like, I didn’t know that he broke up with her for me. Like, I really didn’t know that until last week!”

Cameron Bure also chimed in to clarify that wasn’t technically “dating” Miller back in the day – because she wasn’t allowed to,

“We were like 11,” she said. “I was not allowed to date until I was 16, so you can imagine it was a really big love triangle.”

Jeremy Miller Also Spoke Out About the Love Triangle

Miller has also talked about the love triangle that he created. In a 2015 interview on “Oprah: Where Are They Now,” he recalled dating  Cameron Bure, who is the younger sister of his ‘Growing Pains” co-star Kirk Cameron.

“Candace and I were ‘going together,’” he said. “ You know, we didn’t go anywhere; we were kids… There’s no going anywhere, you just were ‘together,’ whatever the heck that meant!”

Miller said he would see  Cameron Bure on the set of his ABC sitcom and she would come with her family to “Growing Pains” cast parties and other events. He would also visit her on the nearby “Full House” set.

But things took a turn when he came face to face with McKellar at a party for Teen Beat magazine. “I was pretty smitten from Day One,” he said of McKellar, who was an “older woman” at age 14.

“She was a couple of years older than me at that point,” Miller said. “She had no interest in me whatsoever because I was younger, but that did not deter me.”

Miller ended his romance with Cameron Bure and invited McKellar to a coveted “Batman” movie premiere. “I rented a limo, came and picked her up,” he said. “We hit it off, had a ball… Went and had some ice cream afterwards, sat and talked for two hours.”

Miller described his romance with McKellar as  his “first real dating relationship.”

“Apparently, I broke Candace’s heart at that point,” he said.

While Miller said he maintained friendships with both of his “exes” over the years, he butted heads with  Cameron Bure’s brother in 2020. At the time, Kirk Cameron hosted some Christmas caroling events in California that featured maskless carolers during the height of the COVID pandemic, and Miller spoke out about his disappointment in his TV brother.

In an email to Page Six, Miller wrote, “While I will always love my brother Kirk, I could not disagree more with his holding these maskless events at a time when safety and concern for others is an extreme priority.”

Cameron Bure chimed in on Twitter to say that while she didn’t attend any of her brother’s caroling events, she personally masked up and practiced social distancing in public.

“However, I don’t appreciate the vile tweets about my family. I believe respectful dialogue is the key to being heard,” she added.

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