DWTS Alum Detained by Police in London


Heavy A DWTS alum got into trouble.

A “Dancing With the Stars” alum got into some trouble in London. In July 2023, DWTS season 8 alum Steve-O showed that he’s still as daring as he was during his “Jackass” days.

The former MTV star, who was partnered with pro dancer Lacey Schwimmer on DWTS in 2009,  shared photos that included a “slo-mo” of him jumping off the iconic Tower Bridge, and another of him climbing atop a double-decker bus.

Here’s what you need to know:

Steve-O Revealed He Was “Detained” by London Police After Jumping From the Tower Bridge

In a slideshow posted to Instagram,  Steve-O , 49,  was seen jumping from the Tower Bridge into the water while wearing an “I love London” t-shirt and Union Jack flag socks while holding a matching red, white, and blue umbrella. Other photos showed fans watching from above as Steve-O made his jump, and another shot showed him being detained by police in a jail cell. Steve-O, whose real name is Stephen Glover, credited photographers Pete Jobson and Mike Hudley for the live-action photos taken at the famous London landmark.

“I was detained by police after doing this jump off the Tower Of London Bridge yesterday, but they were totally cool, and understood that I’m just super excited to be taping my THIRD (and craziest by far) comedy special on Friday, July 14 in London (where I was born!),” Steve-O posted on Instagram.

According to BBC News, City of London Police Chief Rob Bell confirmed that officers were called to Tower Bridge following “reports of a person in the water close to Tower Bridge.” “The person was spoken to by officers,” he stated.

The Tower Bridge is a large suspension bridge that crosses over the River Thames, per its website. It first opened in 1894.

In addition to his Tower Bridge stunt, Steve-O was also photographed atop a double-decker bus in London. The “Wildboyz” alum wore a yellow t-shirt and held a Union Jack flag as he jumped on the bus rooftop. Another photo showed him using a ladder to get down from the two-story bus.

“I asked for a professional photographer in London to shoot me illegally climbing onto the roof of a big, red double-decker bus,”  the reality star wrote on Instagram before crediting Hudley for the shot. “The bus driver was really cool about the surprise, too— I promised him we would obscure anything identifiable about him or his individual bus! What a day I had yesterday.”

In the comment section, a few fans noted that the bus number was visible in one of the photos.

According to his official website, Steve-O will headline two of his “Bucket List” comedy shows at London Hackney Empire on July 14. As of this writing, the first show is sold out.

Steve-O Revealed He Had Close Brushes With Death

Steve-O is known for his dangerous stunts, including a famous “fish hook” prank in which he pierced a giant hook through his cheek and acted as bait for sharks. While speaking on his “Steve-O’s Wild Ride” podcast in 2022,  the comedian revealed that he kicked a mako shark in the head as it was “going for” his foot during the fish hook stunt.

He was able to get away, but he called the moment “arguably one of the closest calls I’ve ever had.” Steve-O added that had the shark bitten his foot, he was two hours away from the coast of Louisiana with no access to a helicopter and would have never made it to a hospital.

In 2019, Steve-O opened up about some of his craziest stunts during an interview on the “In Depth With Graham Besinger” show,  where he revealed that he nearly died while scuba diving while on a cocaine bender. In the interview, he told Bensiger he obtained an illegal scuba certification after cramming the course in three days with no sleep. Steve-O admitted he knows nothing about “the mechanics of scuba” despite having a certification.

“The closest I’ve ever come to death, like actual death, I think was scuba diving,” he said. “We were somewhere, I can’t remember what part of the world… We were getting ready to scuba dive with sharks. I heard them say the sharks were at the bottom so I just go to the bottom… and I keep going to the bottom. I don’t know if I was coming up or down but at one point someone grabs my fin and I don’t know what’s going on. When we get up they’re screaming at me, ‘You motherf***er, you almost died and I almost died trying to save you.'”

“It was because I was doing it wrong,” he added. “And I continue to be able to scuba dive. Like I don’t know if I’m in the system but yeah, I continue to be able to scuba dive and I should not.”

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