DWTS Fan Favorite Completes ‘Crazy’ Stunt at Age 63


Heavy The Dancing With the Stars alum shared details with fans.

A  “Dancing With the Stars”  alum just checked off a big bucket list item.

In July 2023, DWTS season 5 alum Marie Osmond fulfilled her longtime dream of jumping out of a plane. Osmond, 63, shared details of her skydiving adventure two months after teasing she was ready to check off some things from her to-do list.

“I’m on a new adventure! I have decided, that after working for over six decades, it’s time to do a few things on my bucket list,” the singer wrote on Instagram in May 2023.

Here’s what you need to know:

Marie Osmond Went Skydiving With 2 of Her Daughters

On July 28, 2023, Osmond posted a video to Instagram that showed her just before her big sky jump. The mom of eight was joined by her daughters Jessica and Rachael for the daring adventure. Off-camera, an instructor told Osmond she would be jumping from 14,000 feet at 120 miles per hour.

Osmond said this was the first “crazy” thing on her bucket list that she wanted to complete before she’s “six feet under.” “Sky-dying,” she joked.

In a video of the dive, Osmond was shown in a plane with a  group of divers and instructors.  She noted that her instructor had a D license. A D license is the highest level of skydiving license, with a minimum of 500 hours of experience required, per Skydive Paraclete XP.

Osmond also shared photos of before and after the jump. In some of the “before” photos, Osmond looked terrified and appeared to screaming. In the video of the skydive, Osmond was screaming the entire time – at one point she screamed “This is crazy!” as she spiraled from the sky —  but was elated when she finally landed.

“Holy crap that was unbelievable,” she said. “Everybody should do this once!”

After the jump, she wrote to fans, “You guys!!! I did it!!!!😳😂😁 I actually jumped!!✈️🪂.”

“This was honestly the most incredible experience!!!” Osmond added. “I’m so glad I was able to go with my girls. I think everyone needs to go skydiving!!!”

Osmond elaborated with, “This is one of the best things I’ve ever done!!! Honestly, everyone needs to take the leap and hop out of a plane!! 😂😂 It felt soooo freeing!!”

The singer gave a shout-out to instructors at Skydive Buckeye in Arizona. She also thanked her daughters for sharing the experience with her.

“I’m so glad that I could do this with Jes and Rachael!” she wrote. “I never could have done this without them cheering me on!!!”

While Osmond appeared terrified during the “crazy” jump, modern skydiving is considered relatively safe if proper instruction and precautions are taken, according to the National Library of Medicine. While injuries, most notably spine injuries, can occur, serious injuries occur in less than 2 per 10,000 cases and fatalities in less than 1 per 100,000 cases.

Marie Osmond Has Been Talking About Going Skydiving For Several Years

Marie Osmond has been talking about her desire to go skydiving for more than three years. In January 2020,  when she was a co-host on “The Talk,” she shared her vision board, and skydiving was one of her goals for that year. “What’s on your vision board for 2020? I want to go back to school & go skydiving!!” she tweeted at the time.

On the CBS talk show, she explained that she wanted to complete several bucket list items, including getting her college degree. “I’m going to get my degree,” Osmond said. “I never got to finish college because of my work, and then I had a baby and then I was a single mom and I had to keep working.”

Osmond revealed that she was considering going into religious studies because she loves all religions. The DWTS alum teased other vision board items, which included spending more time with her husband, Steve Craig.  She then added the mother of all bucket list items.

“I am going skydiving,” Osmond announced. “I’ve always wanted to. When I had children I said I can’t do it but now that I’m a grandma I’m going skydiving!”

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