Where Was Hallmark’s ‘All of My Heart: The Wedding’ Filmed?

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Hallmark premiered All of My Heart: The Wedding in 2018. This was the third in the All of My Heart trilogy. So just where was the movie (and all of the Hallmark All of My Heart movies) filmed? Where is Emily’s Country Inn in real life? Read on for the details.

All of My Heart: The Wedding was filmed in Canada again, with many locations in Abbotsford, BC, and some filming also in Ladner and Delta. The movie was filmed in July.

I’ve Seen It on Hallmark does an amazing job of highlighting some of the filming locations for the third movie (many of which are the same as the second movie.)  Check this website out if you ever just want to spend some time just reading about Hallmark movies.

First, the farmhouse – aka Emily’s Inn – isn’t actually the same farmhouse that was used in the first movie. The first farmhouse was already reserved for a different film. (That’s why you hear a lot of comments in the second movie about Emily’s Country Inn being remodeled.) A gazebo built for the movie was given to the farmhouse owners, Bob and Kathleen. And a beautiful swing that you see in the movie was one that homeowner Kathleen built herself, Kerry shared.

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Kerry from I’ve Seen It also shared that The General Store is back. In real life, it’s Clayburn Village Store & Tea Shop in Abbotsford’s Clayburn Village. Clayburn Village was originally built by Clayburn Company as a town for employee housing. The Village Store was built in 1912, but it’s now owned by Bryan and Patricia Haber. One side of the store is a cafe and the other side serves specialty items.

The Village Store & Tea Shop just happens to have its own Facebook page. The store closes every September for one month and reopens October 2. The store is pretty much just too adorable to describe (and they make an amazing baked cherry sour cream pie.) Check out how adorable the store looks at Christmas time:

Another filming location in this movie was in Ladner, where they filmed scenes at real estate and law offices, a coffee house, and a florist, Delta Optimist reported. Locations included Sutton Group Realty, Delta Law office, Localz Urban Cafe, and Sonia’s Flowers.

Here’s a photo of Delta Law Office. Does it look familiar?

And here’s what Localz Urban Cafe looks like on the inside:

Casey’s Coffee Shop in Abbotsford is also returning, Kerry shared. It’s better known as Milsean Shoppe, and has “starred” in Christmas Cookies and Dater’s Handbook too. If you want to visit Milsean, though, you’ll need to plan ahead. With the owners semi-retiring after Christmas and a bit of a work shortage, the shoppe is currently only open Wednesday-Saturday, 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. It’s closed Sundays-Tuesdays.

The shoppe is just so adorable (although it now has a gazebo too):

Jenny’s neighbor Alice’s beautiful home is coming back too. It’s the Clayburn Bed & Breakfast, and Kerry has a fun writeup about it here. Clayburn Village Bed & Breakfast is absolutely stunning, as you can tell from photos like this one:

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