‘A Picture of Her’ Star Reveals Insurance Battle After Losing Home: It’s ‘David & Goliath’

Home flooded

Heavy A Hallmark star is battling insurance after her home was destroyed in a flood.

One of the stars of Hallmark’s new movie, “A Picture of Her,” starring Tyler Hynes and Rhiannon Fish, is dealing with a major hardship in real life. Samatha Ferris, who played Aunt Dotty, lost her home in 2021, and now she says her insurance is refusing to give her any compensation.

She Said Insurance Is Trying to ‘Run Me Into the Ground’

Samantha Ferris with Rhiannon Fish on "A Picture of Her"

HallmarkSamantha Ferris with Rhiannon Fish on “A Picture of Her”

Ferris’ character, Aunt Dody, was a highlight of “A Picture of Her.” Many of her scenes are memorable to fans who watched the March 26 movie premiere. But on social media, the star is revealing that things have been tough for her in real life.

She posted on Instagram that she lost her house to flooding in 2021. The “devastating flood” killed many animals and destroyed many homes in her community. But now her insurance is telling her that they don’t owe her anything, she added.

She wrote on March 7, just weeks before her movie premiered: “I lost my house in 2021. Devastating flood. Killed many animals. Destroyed many homes. Including mine. Today my insurance company said they don’t owe me a thing 😕. They do, but they figure they’ll fight the single-lady-home-owner. David and Goliath. Over power me. Run me into the ground. They are Working Ventures Solutions (Kamloops). FYI. ❤️”

One follower replied, “Insurance companies are a scam. Good luck, don’t back down.”

Another person wrote, “God, how awful. How do they live with themselves?”

Carla Maestinson shared her own horror story, writing: “I am so sorry for your loss. Although my home wasn’t destroyed, it was damaged in two separate floods. The insurance company and Fema told me I was on my own. I’m so very sorry it happened to you.”

The same week that “A Picture of Her” premiered, she shared with fans that she was having a really rough week, but was choosing to focus on tomorrow, knowing that she can handle tough things.

“I lost a bit of faith in humanity…and there was loss,” she wrote. “So, I am treating myself to my favourite steak at my fave little steak place, I’m going to buy an indulgent girly gift, and I’m going to love myself and know that tomorrow is another day. You can’t dodge the challenges… but you CAN choose how to react to them. We can do hard things ❤️💃🏻💪🎉❤️.”

Ferris Has Starred in a Number of Hallmark Movies

Ferris has played supporting roles in a number of Hallmark movies. In addition to portraying Aunt Dody on “A Picture of Her,” she also played Myra in the 2021 movie “Eight Gifts of Hanukkah.” Ferris also starred as Captain Forsyth in “The Gourmet Detective,” as Ellen in “Christmas Under the Stars,” as Michelle in “Garage Sale Mysteries,” as Paula in “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm,” and more.

Outside of Hallmark, her many projects have included voices in video games, four episodes as Rhoda in “Devil in Ohio,” seven episodes as Evelyn in “Salvation,” eight episodes as Kendra in “Somewhere Between,” 10 episodes voicing Otose in “Gintama,” nine episodes as Ellen in “Supernatural,” and more.

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