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Alicia Witt

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Last week, Ryan Paevey blasted an airline after he was left stranded in an airport while trying to travel back to California. Now, it’s Alicia Witt who’s having travel woes. She shared with fans that her luggage was lost when she was flying out to film a new movie.

Her Luggage Was Missing for About 3 Days

Witt shared a lighthearted post as she revealed to fans that her luggage had been lost, but she still “couldn’t be happier.”

She’s been in Winnipeg, Canada, filming a new movie for Lifetime TV.

Witt wrote, “living out of a suitcase and couldn’t be happier 🙏🏻 so grateful for this adventure, and for this character who i already can’t wait to introduce y’all to. and a cup of winnipeg’s finest cold brew from @parlourcoffee 🌞☕️ gonna be a good day!”

She added, “(still waiting on my other suitcase that’s been missing since sunday, but blessed with a phenomenal production team that have helped me find all the items i need locally – based on our best intel it seems likely that it is currently in toronto, so… right country at least? 😂)”

Tawnya Benavides Bhattacharya replied, “We’re so excited to have you in our movie!!!! You’re amazing.”

Witt wrote back, “i love love love your script – thank you!!!!!!”

Witt also revealed, by tagging her dog, that her pup Ernest has his own Instagram page.

Ernest has even visited the hair and makeup trailer on the movie set.

She shared a beautiful photo of her dog and wrote: “#setlife.”

In reply to her first photo, one fan noted that her pup looked a little unhappy in the picture. “Dog looks mad you didn’t get them a brew,” Joesadstone joked.

She replied, “he is waiting on his @doctorharveys breakfast to finish soaking in that photo 😂.”

She Joked That She’ll Need a Larger Suitcase for Her Return Trip

Witt revealed that the production crew helped her find everything she needed. Now that her missing suitcase was finally located, she’s going to need bigger luggage for her return trip, she joked.

She wrote, “reunited and it feels so good…. (now i’m gonna need a larger suitcase for the return journey, since the incredible production team and i have now replaced many of these items for the 5 days i’d been without!)”

Witt shared that all of her clothes were in the suitcase she has, so that was a plus.

One person noted they saw a special on TV in Toronto about an airport losing luggage. Witt replied, “i saw that story too. it’s no joke. (same airline you saw the story about – no need to identify them again, they have enough troubles 😂)”

Alicia Witt has starred in numerous movies for Hallmark, including “Our Christmas Love Song,” “Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane,” “Christmas Tree Lane,” “The Mistletoe Inn,” “Christmas at Cartright’s,” “A Very Merry Mix-Up,” and more. Some of her other credits include “The Walking Dead,” “Orange is the New Black” (Zelda), “Disjointed,” “Twin Peaks,” “The Exorcist” (Nicole), “Nashville” (Autumn), “Justified” (Wendy), and more.

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