Why the ‘Aurora Teagarden’ Author Isn’t Writing Any New Books in the Series

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Charlaine  Harris, the author of the Aurora Teagarden mystery books upon which Hallmark’s Aurora Teagarden series is based, has stopped writing new books for the series. She opened up more on her Facebook page about her decision.

She Said She’s Not on Contract to Write Any More, But Left Aurora in a Good Place

In a series of answers to questions on her Facebook page, Harris has shared that fans shouldn’t expect anything new from the Aurora Teagarden book series. According to Amazon, there are 10 books in the series, with the first book in the series published in 1990. However, Harris herself has clarified that she wrote 11 books in the series. The latest one was Sleep Like a Baby, which was published in 2017. There was a long period of time between Poppy Done to Death, which was published in 2003, and the next in the series called All the Little Liars, which was published in 2016. Still, despite the gap in time between those books, Harris has said that she doesn’t currently have plans for another book in the series.

One reader asked her if she had a new book coming soon when she announced the new movie premiering on Hallmark in October 2020. She simply replied, “Nope, sorry.”


In answer to another question, she clarified that she isn’t on contract to write any more Aurora books at this point in time.


In a different discussion thread, she said that she wrote all the story she had and believes she left Aurora in a good place.


Hallmark Extended the Movies Past the Source Material

Hallmark started its TV movies based on her books and now has 14 movies in the Aurora Teagarden series so far. While Harris only has 10 books in her series, Hallmark has 14 movies. In a Facebook thread, Harris explained that this is because Hallmark extended past her source material, with her permission.

She wrote: “I didn’t write ANY of the movie scripts, but up through the 11th, they were based loosely on my books. The movies have been very popular, so Hallmark asked if they could extend them with their own original plots.”


Since Hallmark has Harris’ OK to extend beyond the source material, her not writing any new books shouldn’t have an effect on whether the Aurora Teagarden Hallmark series continues or how long it lasts.

If you enjoy Harris’ books, she has many other series beyond the Aurora Teagarden series, which in fact was the first series she wrote. She has a fantasy series about an alternate U.S. history called Gunnie Rose, a fantasy series called Midnight, Texasa Harper Connelly series about a woman who can find dead people, and a Lily Bard Mysteries series that takes place in Shakespeare, Arkansas.

She Also Isn’t Planning to Write Any More from Her ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ Universe

Harris also wrote the Sookie Stackhouse series upon which HBO’s True Blood was based.

In a story for TV Insider, Harris said that the True Blood TV series was much more violent than her book series. She wrote: “When I saw the first episode, I was impressed and terrified because it was so different [from the books] and so graphic.”

After she wrote her last novel — the 13th in the Sookie Stackhouse series — Harris received death threats, threats to cancel book orders, and suicide threats, The Guardian reported.

In May 2020, she shared on Facebook that she doubted she would write any more Sookie Stackhouse novels. She wrote: “I sincerely doubt I’ll ever write another book about Sookie, and so far I haven’t been inspired for plot lines for any of the other characters. I hope all of you who enjoyed the books will try my new series about Lizbeth Rose, a gunslinger.”

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