Where Was ‘Big Sky River: The Bridal Path’ Filmed? Cast Stories & Locations

"Big Sky River"

Hallmark "Big Sky River"

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ new film, “Big Sky River: The Bridal Path,” premieres on Friday, August 11, at 8 p.m. Central/9 p.m. Eastern. The movie stars Emmanuelle Vaugier and Kavan Smith. Read on to learn where the movie was filmed and learn about the cast involved.

‘Big Sky River: The Bridal Path’ Was Filmed in Canada

“Big Sky River: The Bridal Path” was filmed in British Columbia, Canada, just like its predecessor, “Big Sky River.” Once again, although the movie takes place in Montana, it was filmed in Canadian locations. Filming locations included Agassiz and Abbotsford in the summer of 2023.

In an interview with The Permanent Press, Vaugier said that they filmed in Abbotsford, just like they did for the first movie.  She said the locations for Tara and Boone’s homes were the same.

“It’s such a great property,” she said. “I felt so lucky that that was my ‘office’ for several weeks.”

She said working with the cast again was wonderful.

“We definitely all bonded behind the scenes,” she said. “Hard not to. Since we’d already worked together the year before, there was a level of comfort and a sense of family between us.”

She also said she loved working with horses while filming.

“Having horses be a part of the film was a huge factor for me,” she said. “I got to go to work every day and be surrounded by animals, it was magical! I do ride again in the sequel. I’m hoping that going forward we’ll see Tara and Boone on horses more often.”

The Agassiz Harrison Observer reported that the movie was also filmed in Agassiz in the District of Kent in June. The location was remade into Parable County, Montana. Much of the filming took place along Pioneer Avenue, with the Aberdeen Building madeover into the Parable County Sheriff’s Office.

The District of Kent reported that filming on Pioneer Avenue took place June 11-13. You can see a map of where they filmed here.

Meet the Cast

"Big Sky River"

Hallmark“Big Sky River”

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “Tara, now settled in Montana and dating Cowboy Boone, works to bring their family lives together but tensions arise, as blending their families will be more of a challenge than anticipated.”

Emmanuelle Vaugier is Tara in the film. She’s an actress, singer, and model. She’s had guest-star roles in episodes for series like “Supergirl,” “Magnum PI,” “MacGyver,” “Millennial Mafia” (four episodes), seven episodes of “Rogue,” “Veronica Mars,” “Smallville,” “One Tree Hill,” and more. According to her bio, she’s known for her role as Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiance on “Two and a Half Men,” along with playing Det. Jessica Angell on “CSI: NY,” and as Evony on “Lsot Girl.” She was in “Love in Paradise” and “Love in the Vineyard” as well.

Kavan Smith is Boone in the movie. According to his bio, his many roles include “The Outer Limits,” “Battlestar Galactica,” “Smallville,” “Fairly Legal,” “Supernatural,” “Stargate: Atlantis,” “Eureka” where he played a lead role, and numerous Hallmark movies, including “You Had Me at Aloha.” He’s perhaps best known among Hallmark fans for his role as Lee on “When Calls the Heart.”

Also starring, according to Hallmark’s press statement, are:

  • Michelle Harrison (Casey)
  • Cassidy Nugent (Erin)
  • JJ Miller (Griffin)
  • Sawyer Fraser (Fletcher)
  • Orlando Lucas (Dawson)
  • Mark Hildreth (Peter)
  • Peter Benson (James)
  • Josh Zaharia (Mateo)
  • April Amber Telek (Kendra)
  • Lucia Walters (Joanna)
  • Kevin Mundy (Slade)
  • Lochlyn Munro (Hutch)
  • Helena Mariea (Bethany)
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