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Hallmark just aired the season 5 finale of “Chesapeake Shores.” Last week we were left with a lot of questions, from Connor recovering from a “near heart attack” to Mick’s miraculous survival from his plane crash, and ending with Sarah passing out right in front of Kevin. David’s dad left him a mysterious message and then refused to pick up any new phone calls, while Nell and Arthur began to kindle a very sweet romance. The season finale may have answered some questions left from last week, but it ended up leaving fans with many more.

The finale was well written from start to finish, with a mix of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. But the cliffhangers that fans were left with leave them talking and analyzing the series for quite some time.

This is a review of season 5 episode 10 of “Chesapeake Shores,” so there will be spoilers.

The Episode Opens with Heartbreak & a Possible New Romance

When the episode begins, Kevin’s on the phone and Sarah is in bed, heartbroken. She’s physically OK, but emotionally she’s wrecked. It looks like they lost the baby and Sarah doesn’t want anyone else to know. It’s going to be hard to hide from the rest of the family how heartbroken they are, though. It was an interesting way to continue the series after last week, when we were left with Sarah passed out on the ground. The show skipped over the hospitalization part and opened with her recovery at home, which helped move the plot forward at a quicker pace.

In a more lighthearted scene next, Evan tells Mandrake that he wants to tell Abby how he feels, but he’s also concerned about his schoolteacher rival (Jay.) So he needs to think of some kind of gesture that doesn’t rely on money. He decides to pick her up from the airport as his first gesture. Abby’s confused by his visit and not really sure how to interpret it. I really enjoy the chemistry between these two characters. It’s a breath of fresh air after how tense and dramatic things always were between Trace and Abby.

Evan finally asks Abby out on a date. She’s surprised and isn’t sure it’s appropriate since they’re working together. However, Evan asks her to just give it some thought first before making her final decision and she agrees.

When Abby gets back home, she tells Bree about what happened with Evan. She confesses that she’s confused. She thinks he might be a sweet guy “underneath all that oddness,” but there’s also still Jay. Things are complicated right now for Abby, but at least it’s complicated in a good kind of way.

The Family Has Many Obstacles to Overcome

Megan and Mick invite the family over for brunch to let them know that Mick is taking a year off of work so he and Megan can take a trip around the world. The reactions from Connor, Bree, and Jess are mixed. They’re not as excited as hoped.

Bree and Luke meet with Connor in the next scene about his upcoming trial. Their biggest issue is figuring out what happened with the failed drug test. The only problem is the hearing has been rescheduled for the very next day and now they don’t have much time to figure out what happened.

We get a scene with Abby and Jay next. He’s quite the photographer and is trying to take a picture of the “perfect moment.” He tells Abby about how a picture of her was a perfect moment, and it’s a really sweet, honest gesture that just came naturally. So now Abby’s going to have to decide whether Jay or Evan make the “better” perfect moment for her.

Evan’s not going to be so easily outdone, however. In another scene, he stops by with homemade brownies for Nell and Abby. He made them dairy-free so her daughter, Kaitlyn, can eat them too. Evan says he father-figure Kirby (who once dated his mom) would like Abby. Abby may not have made up her mind yet, but she looks really happy when he’s around.

Megan’s friend Carter, meanwhile, tells her that she may get offered a chance to be the curator of the Getty in Los Angeles. So it looks like she’s going to be faced with choosing between Mick and career again.

Relationships on This Show Are Complicated

Connor isn’t giving himself the rest that he needs, although consider what Luke is facing, it’s kind of understandable. Margaret insists he takes at least a half-hour break because she’s worried about his health. They have a cute scene together with a miniature Smores set up and share their first kiss. The two actors have an easygoing, undeniable chemistry that helps their relationship feel authentic. It’s nice how the show has slowly developed their relationship from when Margaret worked at the large firm with him and was subtly warning him about the firm’s shenanigans.

We finally get another scene with Kevin halfway through the episode, and he’s acting really uncomfortable around Megan and Mick. He’s so upset that they’re immediately worried and, despite Sarah wanting him to stay quiet, he tells his parents what’s going on. He’s just heartbroken and grieving. Brendan Penny does such a good job of portraying a grieving father; he brought tears to my eyes.

Later, at 3 a.m., Jess wakes up with an idea for the perfect email to send her mom. She wants to tell her mom that she forgives her for leaving and loves her. David insists she wait until the next day to send it, but Jess sent it anyway. She’s scared to read the email because she’s not quite sure how her mom will take it. But David tells her that she needs to talk to her right away. So Jess visits her mom and they really talk things out. Megan insists to Jess that her leaving was not Jess’s fault and she has a lifetime to make up for what happened.

Meanwhile, Connor had a late night himself. He didn’t get any sleep (which is worrisome for his health) and just can’t figure out a way around the drug test. But when Luke tells him that he used to have trouble sleeping in his truck, Connor realizes that sleep medicine might have played a role in messing up his blood test results. At Luke’s hearing, Connor shows up with an expert witness and a plan. And it works! The sleep medicine caused his false positive and Luke is off the hook. It looks like Luke is going to get the happy ending he deserves.

In another scene, Abby and Jay are sitting outside and Jay tells her that he has feelings for her, but he also likes a guidance counselor at school who returns his feelings. (Soooo, Jay’s been setting up a backup plan since Abby can’t make up her mind.) He’s decided he wants to date this guidance counselor unless Abby decides not to “friendzone” him. They’re sitting outside with a beautiful, lush green backdrop and I can’t help but think about how their scenes together are just so pretty. First the beach scene and now this scene. Evan’s and Abby’s scenes are more straightforward scenery wise, but Abby and Jay’s are always so picturesque.

Megan & Mick May Not Be on Sure Footing After All

Megan and Mick share a meal together outside and Mick tells her that he knows about the job offer. (Helpful Carter dropped that bombshell on him.) Megan insists that she wasn’t interested, but Mick knows it was her dream job. He wants her to give it some serious thought and not pass it up for him unless she’s absolutely sure. But judging by the look on Megan’s face, I would say that she’s sure. However, the show later proves that I might not be right about that.

After her meal with Mick, Megan stops by with oatmeal for Sarah. Megan tells her that she had a miscarriage after Jess was born. She opens up about how hard it was and advises her not to let anyone rush her through her grief.

“There is a silver lining in truly learning your own strength,” she tells her.

They share a sweet mother-daughter type moment, and it looks like Sarah may begin confiding more in the O’Brien family.

While Megan is smoothing things over between Kevin and Sarah, David’s life is about to get a lot harder. David’s dad had cleaned out his trust fund. Now he still won’t answer the phone and his mom has no idea where he is. David’s going to have to fly to Boston to try to sort it out. I was expecting something bad with his dad, but not that bad.

After their scene, the show gives us a nice family-focused montage showing Kevin and Sarah mending things, Megan looking at her potential job online, and Mick taking extra pain medicine. This is the second time they’ve focused on Mick taking pain medicine and I think a new storyline is coming out of this. It’s probably being saved for season 6 and might end up causing some problems between Megan and Mick.

The Ending Leaves A Lot of Unanswered Questions

Abby tells Bree that she has no idea what she’s going to do. Jay’s a great guy who’s stuck by her, but Evan is crazy, impulsive, and fascinates her.

“But I don’t know if I want to be with either of them,” Abby says. She’s not sure she wants to date anyone right now.

In the next scene, David gets back home from Boston, so apparently some time has passed. His dad left the country and no one knows where he is. The feds are looking for his dad for wire fraud and embezzlement. His mom and sister were in the dark and they’re all devastated. Something tells me that David’s mom and sister might be moving to Chesapeake Shores next season now that the money is gone. Perhaps they’ll stay at the bed-and-breakfast long term?

Connor finally gets his fireplace moment again in the next scene. (He told Margaret that was when he always felt the most at peace.) He steps away to answer a call from Margaret, and Megan tells Mick that the Getty is a lifelong dream for her. But, she quickly adds, traveling the world with him is a lifelong dream too. She says that if she works at the Getty for a year, she can take six months off. She casually mentions that Carter arranged it, and Mick isn’t too happy that Carter will be working there with her. He thinks Carter set this whole thing up to take Megan away from Mick. But Megan’s offended and insists she got this on her own merits.

“Can’t you trust me?” Megan asks.

“Trust you not to leave me again? I’m not sure I can,” Mick says.

Next Abby is on the phone, with Bree next to her, and leaves a voicemail telling someone that she wants to try things out. But she doesn’t reveal if she called Evan or Jay.

Margaret shows up at the O’Briens’ house and Connor is thrilled to see her. They share another kiss and he passes out again! It looks like he’s having an actual heart attack this time. The camera fades away and the episode ends.

We’re left with a lot of unanswered questions as the episode ends. Will Connor survive his real heart attack this time? (I’m guessing yes, and the new season — if the show is renewed — will begin with Connor at home recovering after a hospital stay.)

Will Megan and Mick stay together or break up? Will Mick face a painkiller addiction?

Who does Abby choose: Evan or Jay? Or will she choose one and then change her mind later?

What will happen to David’s family?

Kevin and Sarah are grieving but back on solid grounds, and Luke and Bree seem to be on sure footing for the moment. But Jess, Abby, Connor, and even Mick are all facing an uncertain future as the season ends.

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