‘Chesapeake Shores’ Season 5 Episode 9 Review: ‘What a Difference a Day Makes’

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The second-to-last “Chesapeake Shores” episode of season 5 began right where last week’s episode left off. Mick missing and his plane is no longer responding to the airfield. Kevin’s Coast Guard friend reveals that Mick was going to try to land on a coastal island when he encountered problems, but his fate still isn’t known. It’s a dramatic start to the penultimate episode of the season — one that Hallmark fans have been waiting all week to see resolved.

This article is a review and recap of “Chesapeake Shores” season 5 episode 9. There will be spoilers in the article below. 

Mick’s Storyline Was Resolved Quickly

The entire O’Brien family is worried sick, and Megan is on the verge of breaking down. She and Mick had just started dating again, and she tells Nell that she hadn’t even told Mick that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry for long. Kevin’s Coast Guard friend calls and tells him that they found Mick and he’s at the hospital. He’s a little banged up, but he’s going to be just fine! Viewers worried for a week about Mick after that crazy cliffhanger, but he’s going to be OK. It looks like this is going to propel Mick and Megan’s relationship forward a little faster though, which is a nice twist.

The scene where Mick is insisting he didn’t technically crash is pretty entertaining. He’s trying to downplay exactly what happened, calling the landing “aggressive” but insisting on not referring to it as a crash. But Megan won’t have it. She’s flipping out over the thought of losing him and makes a bit of a scene. This feels like an authentic storyline — I can definitely picture families in real life reacting like this.

Nell Working for Connor Is Adorable

While Mick’s OK, the rest of the family still has issues to face. Kevin and Sarah haven’t told the family yet that they’re pregnant. And Connor needs to find an assistant and paralegal for his new law firm. His grandmother Nell agrees to help him for the day, and she’s absolutely adorable. She just might be my favorite character in this series. :)

We see her answering the phone and asking the caller if they really need a lawyer. She’s telling all the callers to try talking with the person first before hiring Connor, and it’s hilarious. She doesn’t transfer any calls to him because she doesn’t want to charge them for venting, and she believes her sweet grandson would never do that either. It’s adorable and completely believable. After the tension with Mick’s crash, it’s nice to have a lighthearted moment.

Of course, Nell’s job with Connor won’t last forever, but it’s a nice addition to the storyline. I was also happy to see Margaret return and get a job as Connor’s paralegal. The two actors have great chemistry. It looks like my prediction from the beginning of the season about the two eventually dating is going to happen after all.

Evan & Mick Are Building a Bond

Evan pays Mick a visit to make sure he’s OK. But Mick isn’t pleased that Evan tried to hire Abby away from him.

“I have a big problem with the way you handled that,” Mick tells him.

Abby’s his partner and he doesn’t appreciate how Evan approached the situation. Evan doesn’t make any excuses, just says that he understands where Mick is coming from. They smooth things over and Mick later tells Evan that he’s welcome to visit any time and he doesn’t have to make up a business reason as an excuse.

This episode is on to a great start so far. The characters are having a lot of heartfelt, warm scenes. Evan tells Mick that he never knew his dad, but his mom was a special woman who took good care of him. The two decide to check on Mick’s plane together. It’s interesting how Mick chose to take Evan with him for this trip rather than his sons.

When Mick and Evan go to see what happened to his plane, Evan observes that it’s completely wrecked and it’s a miracle that Mick lived through it. Mick asks Evan not to tell the family how bad the crash really was. In fact, he didn’t realize it was that bad himself.  But things between the two of them turn a little sour when Evan offers to buy him a plane. Evan’s not quite sure why Mick was so insulted, but his chauffeur Mandrake (who is perfect in his role!) explains it to him.

Later, Evan goes to apologize to Mick. There’s a long camera shot showing Mick taking painkillers for his arm, which I found intriguing. Are they hinting at something? Mick admits to Evan that he was terrified, and Evan advises him that he should face that head-on and not push it away. He knows from personal experience. He says that when he was 18 he was the passenger in a car that hit a bridge. His mom was driving, and when he pulled her out of the car, she had already died. It’s a heartbreaking story, but Evan’s had enough years of separation from the event to talk about it in a matter-of-fact kind of way.

Bree & Luke Are Growing Closer

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Bree and Luke, meanwhile, are having quite the romantic connection. But his parole officer, Bennett Sullivan, isn’t going to make things easy. Bennett is angry about Luke’s tardiness and changing jobs. And apparently, a blood test came back positive for amphetamines, which doesn’t make any sense because Luke hasn’t been taking drugs. Is it possible that Bennett rigged it? That’s going to be my theory because obviously, Bennett isn’t up to any good.

Bree believes Luke’s innocent and tells him they’re going to fight this false positive together. They consult Connor for help and he tells Margaret to clear his schedule (with a quick comment about how it shouldn’t be tough to do, which was pretty funny.)

A couple of days later, Margaret finds that Connor slept at his office all night, working on Luke’s case. It may be pro bono, but he’s taking it very seriously. Even though Luke passed his second drug test, it still won’t be enough at his hearing if Connor can’t think of something else. But Connor gets dizzy and almost passes out before the hearing, throwing a wrench into things. Thankfully, they’re able to get the hearing postponed a week.

Connor says the doctor told him that he was just dehydrated. But Bree’s not convinced; she’s still worried about Connor. Later, Connor admits to Margaret that he actually got really close to having a heart attack and he needs a lot of tests and to make a lot of life changes.

Evan Wants to Date Abby

During their time together, Evan asks Mick for permission to date Abby. Mick says she’s a grown woman and can do what she wants, but Nelle jumps in and says that Mick says yes. It’s a cute scene, but will Abby say yes too? I’m not sure. I believe these two will ultimately end up together, but when Abby thought Evan was going to ask her out before, she was ready to turn him down.

David’s Dad Is In Trouble

Near the end of the episode, we finally have our first scene with David. His dad calls and warns him that he ran into some bad luck with investments and there’s going to be some major bad news in the media. It’s a serious and foreboding phone call. David later tells Jess that his dad has never said that he loves him, and when he said it on the phone call it was a bad sign. His dad wouldn’t answer his calls after that, and David’s really worried.

Megan’s Art Show Is a Hit

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Megan has her art show at the end of the episode. Nell looks absolutely stunning, but she finds Arthur panicking. He says he feels like everyone is just following the latest trends, and he doesn’t enjoy the part his artwork where he has to interact with people. Arthur says that if Elaine were there, he’d rather be dancing than at an art show. The two end up dancing together, and it’s so sweet. I think Nell and Arthur might be having the next wedding if things keep going so well between them!

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When Megan and Mick chat at the art show, Mick tells her that he’s finally ready to talk about where their relationship is heading. He says Abby is doing great with the business, and he’s ready to take some time off to travel. He wants Megan to travel with him, like they always planned. She’s completely on board! I was afraid she’d not want to go since her art career is starting to take off, but it looks like she’s putting family and her relationship first this time around.

At the end of the episode, Kevin and Sarah get ready to leave for the art show when Sarah collapses. The episode ends with her unconscious on the ground.

This episode had the perfect mix of laughter and drama. Interestingly, there’s been a big focus on health this season, especially in episode 9. Sarah passed out at the end of the episode, and Connor passed out in the middle of the episode. Mitch is dealing with the health fallout from his crash. While we’re left with a cliffhanger about Sarah this week, at least the cliffhanger involving Mitch was happily resolved.

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