Where Was ‘Christmas in Vienna’ Filmed?

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The Hallmark Channel’s stunning movie, Christmas in Vienna, premiered on November 14 at 8 p.m. Eastern. The movie is reairing on Hallmark throughout 2021, including Friday, April 30, at 8 p.m. Eastern. Starring Sarah Drew and Brennan Elliott, this movie is about a concert violinist whose heart just isn’t in the music anymore. But where was the movie filmed? This is one of the most authentic Hallmark Christmas movies, as it was filmed in Vienna at Christmastime last year, with some additional scenes filmed in Bucharest.

‘Christmas in Vienna’ Was Filmed in Vienna Last Winter

The synopsis for the movie reads: “Jess, a concert violinist whose heart just isn’t in it anymore, goes to Vienna for a performance. While there, she finds the inspiration she has been missing, and a new love.”

The movie was filmed on location in Vienna, Austria, in Christmas 2019, Drew revealed when she appeared on Home & Family. You can watch her interview in the video below.

Unlike many other Hallmark Christmas movies, the decorations and atmosphere were 100% authentic because it was filmed at Christmastime. One of the filming locations was the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna.

Drew told Home & Family that this was “one of those once in a lifetime experiences.”

She said: “We were shooting in December, leading up to Christmas, walking down … in the actual Christmas marketplaces. … That’s not set decorations, that is what it looked like! The only thing we had to add was snow sometimes, but we were inside of St. Steven’s Cathedral. We climbed all the way to the top of the bell tower and shot up there. We literally didn’t have to decorate because everything was decorated for the holidays… We were working in the middle of actual shoppers from all over the world… It was incredible.”

Drew said that during one magical moment, they shot in a Ferris wheel that has been running for 100 years called Riesenrad. The Ferris wheel was built in 1897.

“When we arrived at our location, it started snowing,” Drew said. “Just big, giant fluffy snowflakes.”

She said it didn’t stop snowing until they said “cut.”

Elliott shared a photo in January when filming wrapped.

Here’s a beautiful photo that Drew shared from Vienna.

And some of those scenes have real snow.

One of the locations they filmed at was Schönbrunn Palace. 

Director Maclain Nelson shared this photo on the day they wrapped, writing: “Sitting on the tarmac in Vienna with a few happy tears in my eyes. Thanks to everyone involved for an amazing experience while shooting in Austria and Romania. I’ve made many new friends and experienced it all with some of my oldest and dearest friends. Excited to show everyone what we did together.”

Some Scenes Were Also Filmed in Bucharest

Some scenes were also filmed in Bucharest, according to Elliott’s Instagram post on the last day of filming, January 23. He wrote, in part: “Thankyou #Vienna for your hospitality and love! Thankyou #bucharest for helping us all bring it home! Hope you fans enjoy this Christmas treat during #countdowntochristmas at end of #2020, on @hallmarkchannel. C u all on the next project!”

Here’s a beautiful photo he took from Vienna.

Drew shared this photo on the last day of filming, also noting that some scenes were filmed in Bucharest.

She said they headed off to Romania on January 10.

The movie first filmed in Vienna, took a break for the holidays, and then finished filming in Bucharest.

She said she had two makeup artists since she was filming in both locations.

Drew told Home & Family that she was committed to looking like a real violinist, and even practiced with Nathalie Bonin on Skype from her bathroom. She said she was rehearsing three hours a day so she’d look authentic while playing the violin in her scenes, making sure her bow was always at the right string for each note. She said at one point she was playing to a room of 300 people and apologized, letting them know that she doesn’t really play the violin. She said a guy in the back yelled, “Yeah, we know!”

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Alina Fritsch (Tori)
  • Stefan Gorski (Vincent)
  • Allegra Tinnefeld (Summer)
  • Oscar Ricketts (Julian)
  • Abigail Vollnhofer (Isla)

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