Where Was ‘Christmas She Wrote’ Filmed? See Locations & the Cast

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The long-awaited Hallmark movie starring Danica McKellar is finally here. Christmas She Wrote premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, December 6, on The Hallmark Channel. Dylan Neal and Andrew Francis also star in the movie. Here’s everything you need to know about where the movie was filmed, including behind-the-scenes photos and stories.

‘Christmas She Wrote’ Was Filmed in Canada

On Location – Christmas She Wrote – Hallmark ChannelStars Danica McKellar and Dylan Neal show you around the set of the original Christmas movie "Christmas She Wrote."2020-11-25T05:25:01Z

Although the movie takes place in Pineberry, California, Christmas She Wrote was filmed in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, according to IMDb and Times Colonist. It wrapped on October 31.

Hallmark’s synopsis reads: “When writer Kayleigh has her column cancelled before Christmas, she heads home to reconnect with family. Sparks fly when she gets an unexpected visit from the man who cancelled her column.”

The movie was directed by Terry Ingram.

Because of the weather while filming, they had to use fake snow in Victoria, Times Colonist reported. Fake snow was spotted on Broad Street near the Tres Gourmet Bakery and Cafe Tuesday in October.

Some people refer to the region as Hollywood North.

McKellar shared a lot of fun behind-the-scenes moments from the filming.

She shared a behind-the-scenes look at how they re-record movie dialogue in the studio if noise interferes while filming a scene.

And here’s a behind-the-scenes moment on the set while shooting on the second day of filming.

This photo was taken during filming on October 23 in BC.

McKellar loves starring in Hallmark movies, as you can see in this video:

Dylan Neal starred opposited McKellar.

Andrew Francis also starred.

And he had a bit of a Chesapeake Shores reunion while filming.

Tammy Gillis ran into McKellar during filming. They were in a previous Hallmark movie together.

This resident said she was test-driving a truck when she saw a Christmas tree left over from filming. She said they picked it up and put it in the garden. She wrote: “So I hadn’t told @holtyny what we were doing yesterday, but we had arranged to test drive a pickup truck. I’m so full of great ideas. Collect truck, take for a spin, pick up free Christmas tree, chuck it in the back, whizz home, put tree in garden, sweep truck, head back to garage and return, after 1 hour test drive. I’m not daft you know!!”

Many Precautions Were Taken for COVID-19 While Filming

Everyone was required to quarantine for two weeks before filming. McKellar made some new friends during that time.

They also had to be tested for COVID-19 to make sure they weren’t infected while filming.

Meet the Cast

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Danica McKellar plays Kayleigh. McKellar has a long and successful history in TV and film. Her appearances include The Wonder Years (Winnie Cooper), The West Wing (Elsie Snuffin), Dancing with the StarsYoung Justice (voice), The Matchmaker Mysteries, The Wrong Woman (Lifetime), and many Hallmark movies including Perfect Match, Crown for Christmas, Wedding Bells, Campfire Kiss, and My Christmas Dream. McKellar is also the founder of McKellarMath.com and bestselling books that tackle math education. She’s not just an actress, she’s also a mathematics genius. She starred on Hallmark’s Coming Home for Christmas and Very, Very Valentine, Love in Design, and Love & Sunshine

Crown MediaDanica McKellar, Dan Payne

Dan Payne plays Dan. His credits include Matchmaker Mysteries, Aliens Stole My Body, Mech-X4 (Traeger), Descendants 3, Nesting, The Flash, iZombie, Travelers, Good Witch (John Dover), Dead of SUmmer, STrange Empire (Casper), The Haunting Hour (The Golem), Primeval: New World, Divine: The Series, A Family Thanksgiving, Stargate: Atlantis, Alice I think, Stargate SG-1, and more.

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Dylan Neal stars as Tripp. His many credits include Hyperion Bay, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Pacific Palisades, Arrow (Dr. Anthony Ivo), Dawson’s Creek (Pacey’s brother Doug Witter), The Traveller, Fifty Shades of Grey, Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove, Looks Like Christmas, Murdoch Mysteries, The Gourmet Detective, and more. He and his wife, Becky Southwell, write and produce projects through Southwell Neal Entertainment.

Crown Media Ronald Patrick Thompson, Andrew Francis

Ronald Patrick Thompson (above left) is Ben. His many credits include V.C. Andrews’ Heaven, Random Acts of Christmas, Time for You to Come Home for Christmas, Bottled with Love, Sailing Into Love, Santa’s Boots, It’s Christmas Eve, Small Town Christmas, A Christmas to Remember, Morning Show Mysteries, Travelers, Supernatural, The Flash, Floating Away, and more.

Andrew Francis (above right) is Stephen. Francis is well-known to Hallmark viewers, as he portrays Connor O’Brien on Chesapeake Shores. His other credits include Morning Show Mysteries, Past Never Dies, Coach Me if You Can, and more. He’s also done voice work for numerous projects, including Dinotrux, Ninjago, My Little Pony, and Max Steel. 

Also starring are:

  • April Telek (Amy)
  • Karen Kruper (Mary)
  • Ava Telek (Charlotte)
  • Jim Thorburn (Rob)
  • Serge Houde (Brian)
  • Jerry Wasserman (Mr. Grantham)
  • Kerën Burkett (Gena)
  • Keith MacKechnie (Malcolm)
  • Beverley Breuer (Sue)
  • Amanda Lisman (Receptionist)
  • Alison Matthews (Woman)
  • Marisa Vieira (Shopper in Aisle)

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