Hallmark Star Shares Rare Family Photos From Son’s Wedding: ‘Deep Love’


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Actress Andie MacDowell has given fans a rare glimpse inside her family following the wedding of her son, Justin Qualley, whom she shares with ex-husband Paul Qualley. The star of Hallmark‘s “The Way Home” posted a series of candid photos with family members at the wedding, including her and Qualley’s grown daughters, actresses Margaret and Rainey, and Justin and Nicolette’s one-year-old daughter — MacDowell’s only grandchild — Cozette.

Along with the photos she posted on Instagram on June 16, 2023, MacDowell celebrated how intentional Justin and Nicolette have been about their relationship.

“The best part was the service Julie did a glorious, job, but it was the intention set by Nicolette and Justin with their beautiful words they found and created,” MacDowell wrote. “This is why we wept heartfelt tears because we saw deep love standing in front of us.”

She continued, “Yes, we played, we laughed we partied, we had fun and so much joy. But standing in front of us at that moment were two people taking each other extremely seriously, setting a tone for a life together. A perfect wedding full of love”

Andie MacDowell Marvels at Her Son’s Private, Purposeful Life

Though MacDowell frequently shares photos with her famous daughters, who are public figures, glimpses of her with her son Justin, 36, are far more rare, given that he chooses to lead a very private life with his now-wife and daughter in Montana.

In January 2020, the actress posted a photo of him tending to cows on his Montana ranch and wrote about how proud she was of the life he’s created there.

“My son Justin spent his formative years in Montana surrounded by old timer ranchers and wilderness lovers,” she wrote. “It is in his blood to love the Montana lifestyle. My children and I used to walk up into the wilderness and stop and listen to silence… it is the most beautiful sound you can hear. It’s like God breathing. I feel so fortunate to have a son like Justin who has a depth of heart & compassion for the country life. It’s not about flash or extravagance but simplicity and peace that he desires. He is wise!”

That August, she shared a throwback photo of him for his birthday, praising his kindness and humility.

“Nothing superficial about him,” she wrote. “He doesn’t worry about what he wears or status. He is down to earth and humble.”

When Justin and Nicolette were expecting their baby girl, MacDowell posted a photo from their baby shower in June 2022.

The actress gushed about the couple in her post, writing, “When so much of the world is looking for attention they are looking for each other & are waiting for the perfect gift their child. My son never looks at his phone, he does not live a life online. He has been a blessing and a gift to me from the very beginning. The best thing that ever happened to me. AND I cannot wait to meet my granddaughter! 🥰”

Andie MacDowell Loves Being a New Grandma

Andie MacDowell, Justin Qualley

GettyAndie MacDowell and her son Justin Qualley at the National Women’s History Museum in March 2020

On January 11, hours before a preview event in New York for “The Way Home” series premiere, MacDowell revealed on “The Today Show” that she’d become a first-time grandma.

“I just spent Christmas with her,” she said. “I’ve never had somebody look into me and see my soul like that. It was definitely a soul-to-soul connection.”

MacDowell has periodically shared photos in her Instagram Stories of her snuggling with Cozette, but the photos she shared from the wedding are the first she’s posted in her feed — including photos of the toddler with her parents and in MacDowell’s arms. The star’s only complaint as a grandma, she told KTVB in March, is that she wishes she could be with her granddaughter more frequently.

“I just don’t see her enough,” she told the station. “That’s the only thing that’s kind of painful, because they live in Montana.”

On the post she shared on June 16, fans and famous friends celebrated seeing MacDowell’s entire family together for such a special occasion.

Actress Julianne Moore wrote, “Congratulations ❤️ what a beautiful family.”

Comedian Kathy Griffin commented, “Beautiful! Everyone! From you to the baby and back. 💕💕💕”

Actress Sharon Stone added, “Sending HEAPS OF LOVE”

Multiple fans noted that they felt like they’d watched MacDowell’s children grow up over the years. One wrote, “I think I still have a file of old magazine clippings with an old one of you when these 3 were little kids. I remember thinking they all won the gene lottery.”

MacDowell’s next big family event may be the wedding of her daughter Margaret to famed music producer Jack Antonoff, who have been engaged since early 2022, according to People.

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