Has Hallmark’s ‘Good Witch’ Halloween Special Been Cancelled?

Crown Media Cassie and the rest of Middleton prepare for the most magical time of year: Halloween!

One of Good Witch viewers’ favorite things about Halloween is watching a new Good Witch special on the Hallmark Channel. But is there still hope of seeing a new movie before October is over? Hallmark spoke with Heavy and confirmed what’s happening with the future of Good Witch. 

‘Good Witch’ Is Not Having a Halloween Special This Year

Unfortunately, the signs are not in Good Witch‘s favor for a Halloween special this year. A Hallmark representative confirmed with Heavy that with the Fall Harvest series of movies ending last weekend and Christmas starting this weekend, the beloved Good Witch Halloween special for 2020 is cancelled.

This cancelation is because of the pandemic, since the series’ production — like so many others — had to be put on hold for a while. The original plan was to have a Halloween special again in 2020. In fact, Catherine Bell told Media Village that they were going to start shooting in August and the first two episodes of the new season would air as the Halloween movie.

Back then, she said: “We’re set to start shooting in August. Those first two episodes air as the movie, hopefully we’ll all be back at work soon. They’re currently writing it, so hopefully, we’ll be back in Toronto then — fingers crossed!”

Fans got a hint that it wasn’t going to happen when James Denton appeared on Bubbly Sesh in late August, Hallmark’s official podcast, and shared that they weren’t going to start filming again until sometime in October. You can listen to the podcast below.

Now the cancelation of the Halloween special is official.

‘Good Witch’ Is Now in Production for Season 7

But Goodies don’t have to completely despair! Hallmark also confirmed with Heavy that Good Witch is now in production for Season 7. So fans will get a new season, they just won’t get the October special movie. And if what Bell told Media Village is still part of the plan, then we’ll still see what was going to happen in the Halloween special — only we’ll be seeing it play out at the beginning of Season 7.

Catherine Bell has been quarantining and will be staying in Canada for a 13-week stretch while filming Season 7, she shared on Instagram. One of her children is staying with her so she has some company during that long time period.

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🗳 ** I went for the single emoji comment for this post, but it seems to have stirred up much discussion and excitement 🤪 so let me add a bit: I assumed everyone knew this but… just in case some of you don’t… I am in Canada with one of my kids (to keep me company and make me feel more “at home” for thIs UNINTERRUPTED 13 week stretch here. In last years, I flew home every weekend to see the family but things are a little different this year as you may have noticed 😉 and I’m thrilled to be doing it so I’ll take it with whatever rules I gotta follow ❤️ Started in early September…with a mandatory 14 day house quarantine in Calgary – sprinkled with Covid tests before during and after)… and it’s true I did not sneak out beyond my property lines!! The penalties are far too stiff to risk that! Then I was fortunate enough to make a Christmas movie with one of my dearest friends and a fantastic cast & crew!! We finished late on a Friday night 3 weeks later and Saturday morning we flew across to Toronto (east coast) for a couple more COVID tests and enough time to get results back before fittings/Covid protocol training/hair and makeup tests etc And now I get to be back at it filming Season SEVEN of Good Witch…playing this character I love so much… and I especially love how much others enjoy her too ⭐️ so I’m a happy camper!! (Continued….)

A post shared by Catherine Bell (@therealcatherinebell) on Oct 21, 2020 at 11:01am PDT

In mid-October, she shared that she was back on setting, filming new scenes for Cassie in Season 7.

She began filming shortly after wrapping her Christmas movie for 2020.

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