Lead Star Reacts After Hallmark Quietly Cancels ‘Mystery 101’

Mystery 101 canceled

Hallmark Mystery 101 canceled

Hallmark has quietly announced on social media that “Mystery 101” has been officially canceled. The news came during a marathon of “Mystery 101” that aired on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Sunday, April 23. The next day, on April 24, Kristoffer Polaha confirmed the news on social media.

Hallmark Wrote: ‘Our Talented Sleuths Have Solved the Last Mystery’

On April 23, Hallmark shared a post on its official Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Facebook page about the “Mystery 101” marathon that was airing.

One fan, Gerri Bartow, commented, “Love this series. Wish Hallmark would start again with another series.”

The official Hallmark Movies & Mysteries account replied, writing: “We loved making “Mystery 101” and we’re so glad you enjoyed sleuthing along with us. We want to let you know that our talented sleuths have solved the last mystery and are off the case. In the coming weeks and months there are exciting new mysteries on the way that we know you’ll love!”

This was Hallmark’s first official announcement that the series was canceled, after ending on a cliffhanger.

Mystery 101

FacebookMystery 101

Kelli Elaine replied, “if you are saying that Mystery 101 is finished, this is the dumbest decision you have ever made.”

Stephanie Young wrote, “after that cliff hanger that was only done because another one was planned?”

Tammy Kluska replied, “what a lame excuse for an answer. It literally ended with a cliffhanger and you just expect us to believe that’s it?! We at least deserve one more to finish it off with.”

Shannon Black wrote, “are you kidding me? Your response is patronizing. It sounds like it was written for children to read. You’ve decided to end your most successful mystery series, without resolution, a cliff hanger. What a terrible decision! I can’t bring myself to watch any new mystery series going forward.”

The official account replied to a few complaints, simply writing: “Thank you for taking the time to share with us. We will be sure to pass your feedback along to our teams.”

The account also replied to one angry fan and wrote, “We hope you stick with us as we have an exciting new lineup of mysteries coming soon including ‘Hannah Swensen Mysteries’ and ‘The Dancing Detective: A Deadly Tango.'”

One fan asked, “Can you tell us if #8 in Mystery 101 has plans to be made even if it has no schedule screening?”


FacebookHallmark’s Facebook exchange

Hallmark replied: “Sorry but we don’t have that information available.”

Polaha Told Fans that ‘Mystery 101’ Has ‘Solved Its Last Mystery’

Kristoffer Polaha, one of the lead stars in the series, confirmed the news with fans on Twitter.

He wrote: “Well kids, looks like the cat’s out of the bag. #Mystery101 has solved its last mystery. You are the most incredibly supportive fans ever! We LOVE you! @JillWagner @robinthomas101 & I had the most amazing time entertaining you by bringing Travis, Amy, & Graham to life. But…😉”

It’s not clear what his winky emoji meant.

The Script for the Next Movie Was Already Written

The last installment in the “Mystery 101” franchise ended on a cliffhanger and the script for the next movie had already been written.

In an interview with TV Shows Ace, writer John Christian Plummer confirmed that the eighth movie’s script was written and they were just waiting on Hallmark. First, he joked about not having the script under lock and key because he lived in a small, safe town.

Then he added: “I very much want to continue Amy and Travis’ story, as you might imagine, and Hallmark knows that I’m ready to go as soon as they give me the green light. I so appreciate how much fans are lobbying for this to happen.”

He then made sure there was no doubt in fans’ minds that the script was complete.

“To put the Mystery 101 fans’ minds at ease, there is a story for #8 which is complex, wildly fun, touching, and fully resolves the cliffhanger at the end of #7,” he said.

While talking to the Hallmarkies Podcast last December, Polaha also confirmed that they were ready to go if Hallmark was.

“Number eight’s locked and loaded, it’s written, it’s ready,” he told fans. “And when you hear what he [Plummer] has done with it … the payoff is worth all of the driving.”

Now fans are hoping they’ll find out what was going to happen, one way or another.

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