Hallmark’s January 2022 Lineup: See the New Movie Schedule

January 2022 Hallmark Movies

Crown Media January 2022 Hallmark Movies

The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries have a lineup of brand new holiday movies on the schedule for January 2022, as the channels kick off the new year following the conclusion of the Christmas movie season. Here’s a look at what Hallmark is planning.

If you miss any of these movies on their premiere date, you can catch them again on one of the many days that Hallmark or Hallmark Mysteries airs encore presentations. Note that the schedule is subject to change with little notice. In fact, Hallmark has already switched up the schedule since the first announcement in late November.

Saturday, January 1: ‘Where Your Heart Belongs’

Preview – Where Your Heart Belongs – Hallmark ChannelWatch a preview for the original, romantic movie "Where Your Heart Belongs" starring Jen Lilley and Christopher Russell. Subscribe to our channel for more Hallmark movie trailers, sneak peeks and more here: youtube.com/c/HallmarkChannelUSA?sub_confirmation=12021-12-28T22:11:16Z

Jen Lilley and Christopher Russell star in “Where Your Heart Belongs” on January 1. It premieres on The Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Sneak Peek – Where Your Heart Belongs – Hallmark ChannelWatch a scene from "Where Your Heart Belongs" starring Jen Lilley and Christopher Russell.2021-12-28T22:11:25Z

The synopsis reads: “Mackenzie Sullivan is a New York-based marketing executive struggling to keep her clients.  When she returns home to a rural maple farm to help her best friend plan her wedding in just two weeks, Mackenzie learns the hard way that the love and support of family and true friends means more than she’d imagined.”

Saturday, January 8: ‘The Wedding Veil’

Sneak Peek – The Wedding Veil – Hallmark ChannelWatch a scene from "The Wedding Veil" starring Lacey Chabert, Kevin McGarry, Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney.2021-12-28T22:13:06Z

Lacey ChabertKevin McGarryAutumn Reeser, and Alison Sweeney star in “The Wedding Veil” on January 8. It premieres on The Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern.

This is the first of a three-part trilogy of movies under the “Wedding Veil” franchise.

On Location – The Wedding Veil – Hallmark ChannelGo behind the scenes to find out more about the Wedding Veil movie trilogy! Starring Lacey Chabert, Kevin McGarry, Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney.2021-12-29T04:20:19Z

The synopsis reads: “The first installment of an enchanting new trilogy starring three of Hallmark’s most beloved leading ladies as longtime college friends who discover a mysterious, antique veil fabled to unite its bearer with her true love.  After discovering a long-lost painting, museum curator Avery and successful, new board member Peter investigate the artwork’s origins as they plan a charity fundraiser to unveil its restoration.”

Sunday, January 9: ‘North to Home’

Preview – North to Home – Hallmark Movies & MysteriesWatch a preview of "North to Home," starring Lyndsy Fonseca, Kimberley Sustad, Erica Durance and Barbara Niven. Premieres Sunday, January 9 at 9/8c. Subscribe to our channel for previews, sneak peeks, and more every week: youtube.com/HallmarkMovMysteries?sub_confirmation=12021-12-15T20:43:11Z

Lyndsy FonsecaKimberley Sustad, Erica Durance, and Barbara Niven star in “North to Home” on January 9. It premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries at 9 p.m. Eastern.

The synopsis reads: “Suzanne McBride is excited to spend her birthday with her family.  It will be the first time that her three adopted daughters will be together in years.  This seems like a great time for a family reunion, but the sisters are each wrestling with unique challenges that threaten to derail this special occasion. Will their bond be strong enough to survive this time together?”

Saturday, January 15: ‘The Perfect Pairing’

Preview – The Perfect Pairing – Hallmark ChannelWatch a preview of the new original Hallmark Channel romance, "The Perfect Pairing." Subscribe to our channel for more Hallmark movie trailers, sneak peeks and more here: youtube.com/c/HallmarkChannelUSA?sub_confirmation=12021-12-28T22:04:33Z

Nazneen Contractor and Brennan Elliott star in “The Perfect Pairing” on January 15. It premieres on The Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern. The movie was originally scheduled for January 1 and then moved back two weeks.

The synopsis reads: “Influential and anonymous food and wine critic Christina finds herself at a winery she panned in the past.  She hopes to leave before anyone finds out who she is, but she instead slips on ice and hits her head.  The Hollingbrook family, led by single father Michael graciously takes Christina in while she recovers and tries to jog her memory.  In the process, Christina helps the Hollingbrooks prepare for their annual wine tapping party, which includes Michael’s risky passion project, ice wine.”

Saturday, January 22: ‘Don’t Forget I Love You’

Crown Media

Emilie Ullerup and Clayton James star in “Don’t Forget I Love You” on January 22. It premieres on The Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern. The movie was originally called “Romancing the Birthday Girl.”

The synopsis reads: “On her birthday, Taylor opens a time capsule left by her deceased mother, which contains six envelopes.  In each one is a challenge to complete, challenges that her mother – aware of Taylor’s many anxieties that hold her back – knew would expand her horizons and give her the push she needs in life and to help open her mind, and heart, to the possibility of love.”

Saturday, January 29: ‘Butlers in Love’

Stacey Farber, Corey Cott, and Maxwell Caulfield star in “Butlers in Love” on January 29. It premieres on The Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern.

The synopsis reads: “In a prestigious butler academy, passionate Emma and rebellious Henry train to become royal butlers where the competition is fierce and sparks fly.”

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Vince Ballou
Vince Ballou
1 year ago

Hi, Hallmark. This is nothing against diversity. I notice that many movies have the default mode of all white casts that are straight and those movies are considered normal. In other words they just call it a movie. They give no second thought to it. People are trained to accept it that way, because any other way comes with a label. There’s nothing wrong with an all white straight movie being considered normal. Hopefully they won’t always be considered the only conservative movies. It would be nice to have a movie all mixed and straight, with a black man successfully married to a white woman, and consider it normal and unlabled, because there are many out there in real life. There shouldn’t be a requirement for a black to be gay or have a gay person in a movie with them, just as a gay person might ask that all gay people be in an unlabled movie without the requirement of a straight person being alongside them, to go along with all the movies you already have. The label I’m referring to is ‘diverse representation’. I appreciate your time and allowing me to post.

Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor
1 year ago

In the veil trilogy I think Ms Chabert is past her prime,and I would hope that Ms. Reeser get more time in front of the camera.
Just my humble opinion.

Thank you for allowing me to comment.

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