Why Jen Lilley’s Pregnancy Played a Role in Her Joining GAC Family

Jen Lilley in 2019

Getty Jen Lilley attends the Salvation Army's presentation of the 2019 celebrity Red Kettle Kickoff.

Jen Lilley recently signed a contract with GAC Family that covers two years of movies. Although it’s not an exclusive contract, she indicated on social media that she isn’t expecting to be making Hallmark movies during that time period. In a recent interview, she opened up more about why she’s focusing on GAC Media for the time being.

Lilley signed a deal with GAC Media in January 2022 to make four original movies over the next two years, Deadline reported. Her first movie with GAC Family, “Royally Wrapped for Christmas,” aired during the 2021 Christmas season, before she signed her new deal.

She Said Having Consistent Work While She’s Pregnant Is a Big Benefit

In an interview with Sportsology, Lilley revealed that her pregnancy played a role in her decision to join GAC Media.

She told Sportsology:

I have a long-standing relationship with Bill Abbott who is the CEO. I really love Bill as a person. I think he’s full of integrity, and he does so much amazing charity work behind the scenes. For me especially being pregnant. I’m due in May. I’m building my own football team over here. It was incredible timing to know I will have consistent work over the next two years. I’m really thrilled on multiple levels.

She added that GAC Family is a network that provides “a stress-free predictable escape,” which many people are wanting as the pandemic continues.

“GAC family is a new network with more feel-good content,” she told Sportsology. ““I think everyone loves a classic romantic comedy. It’s not a pure comedy but it’s feel-good, Tom Hanks meets Megan Ryan-Esque romantic comedies. Those are my favorite, and I think people look for those.”

Lilley is pregnant with a girl.

In an interview with People, Lilley said that their new baby was a surprise. She and her husband, Jason Wayne, have two half-brothers that they adopted through foster care: Kayden, 5, and Jeffrey, 3. They also have a daughter, Julie, who was born in 2019.

Lilley was doing interviews on the red carpet when she went into labor with Julie. During an interview with Access, she revealed that she was in labor right at that moment.

“I’m literally in labor…” she told the reporter. “I’m early… I gotta get to my phone at some point to time the contractions.”

Lilley’s Contract Isn’t Exclusive, But She Likely Won’t Be Making Hallmark Movies

GAC Media confirmed with Heavy that Lilley’s contract is not exclusive. However, a comment she made in response to a question on social media indicated that she likely won’t be making new Hallmark movies during her contract.

When one fan asked, “are you still going to be filming for Hallmark? I am so confused…. love all your movies,” Lilley replied: “I’ll be on @gactv channel for the next 2 years.”

Other fans lamented that they wouldn’t see her in new Hallmark movies. She encouraged them to consider a streaming platform like Frndly TV that carries GAC Family.

On the same Instagram post, she shared more insight into why she had chosen GAC Family.

She wrote that she appreciated what GAC Family does behind the scenes and feels “compelled to support them” because they’re “rooted in truth.”

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