Will Lee & Rosemary Have a Baby? ‘When Calls the Heart’ Stars Share Cryptic Hints

When Calls the Heart

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Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton shared cryptic hints about their character’s future family in recent interviews about “When Calls the Heart.” They dropped major hints about whether Lee and Rosemary might have a baby in the new season. As Hallmark kicks off the series’ ninth season, that question is at the forefront of fans’ minds.

Hutton Said The Story Is ‘Complicated,’ ‘Nuanced,’ & ‘Not Easy’

Fans have long wanted Lee and Rosemary to have a baby, but many had given up on the idea. In an interview with Deidre Behar of ET Online, Smith and Hutton talked some more about the couple’s journey and what to expect this season.

When Behar asked Hutton if Lee and Rosemary would have a baby this season, Hutton said the question was all she’d heard about for the last three or four seasons.

“I think this season we see more resolution on that journey than ever…” Hutton said. “And I’m so pleased with how that story is told this season. … And it’s complicated, it’s nuanced, and it’s not easy. It’s not easy. I’m just so excited for fans to go on the ride with us.”

She added that there was a story about Lee and Rosemary that really needed to be told, and she was glad the writers were open to her ideas. She said she spoke with John Tinker, the showrunner of the series, a number of times about what to expect.

“Tinker and I sat down a number of times…kind of plotting it out and knocking out the storyline, of what was the most respectful way of telling this story…” she said. “I’m really happy that we did, because I really believe in that storyline…”

She added that she’s still “team baby,” but won’t give any more hints than that.

Smith Said Fans Will Get an Answer Because of Hutton’s ‘Tenacity’

In an interview with Behar of ET Online, Smith also addressed the question about Lee and Rosemary’s future. Behar asked about their future family planning and what might be in store for the couple.

“I think that after this season fans will not need to ask that question anymore,” Smith cryptically replied. “I think we’ve finally found a way to finally resolve anybody belaboring that question. I think we’re gonna address it.”

He added that sometimes people give up on their dreams too soon.

“You give up on things, and if you do, you might miss that one in a million chance,” he said. “You can never, ever give up on something that’s important.”

He said fans want a resolution almost more than he and Hutton do.

“…This is a storyline that fans have wanted…almost more than that Pascale and I have wanted resolution…” he said.

He added that Hutton was determined not to let the storyline drop. ‘

“She was not going to let it go,” he said. “She was determined to get an answer, and it’s because of her tenacity that we got it. And the fans will get it too.”

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