‘Legend of the Lost Locket’ Scene Filmed at Iconic WCTH Location, Star Teases

"Legend of the Lost Locket"

Hallmark/Heavy "Legend of the Lost Locket"

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “Legend of the Lost Locket,” premieres on Saturday, April 13, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Natasha Burnett and Viv Leacock. Read on to learn all about where it was filmed and see behind-the-scenes cast stories.

‘Legend of the Lost Locket’ Was Filmed in Canada & Features a Special ‘When Calls the Heart’ Location

"Legend of the Lost Locket"

Hallmark“Legend of the Lost Locket”

The Spring into Love feature was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, according to this post on Instagram where both actors are practicing their ballroom dance. The practices were held at the DVS studio in Vancouver. Natasha Burnett posted “Practice makes perfect…most of the time! 💃🏾”

Burnett teased in an interview with TV Insider that there’s a special “When Calls the Heart” location included in the movie.

“We have a special location that the Hearties will absolutely recognize the minute they see it,” she said. “I loved that we could add that in there.”

The movie has been available since April 4 on Hallmark Movies NOW!, Hallmark’s streaming service, ahead of the premiere on the TV channel.

The actress took a picture with a tiny clapboard announcing the event: “Mini action 🎬
#LegendOfTheLostLocket available to stream NOW only on @hallmarkmoviesnow!”

She also revealed that the props team included a picture of her real-life grandmother in an old journal for the movie.

“We had the most amazing crew!! Props really took the time with everything to make it as detailed as possible!” she wrote.

‘When Calls the Heart’ Helped Inspire the Movie

Hearties will recognize the stars of the film, since they play the Canfields on “When Calls The Heart.”

In an interview with TV Insider, Burnett said that “When Calls the Heart” actually helped inspire the movie.

“When we realized that the Canfield family was a popular family to the Hearties as well, we thought, I think we have a place here that we can maybe slip in something of our own and see how it goes down,” she said. “It’s like a modern-day Canfield movie.”

She said that while the couple in the movie is very different from the Canfields in many ways, the characters more accurately reflect how Burnett and Leacock are off-screen.

There’s also a nod to “When Calls the Heart” in the movie, with Hrothgar Mathews (who plays Ned in the series) also appearing in the movie, along with an iconic location.

In an Instagram post, Leacock talked about the difference between these roles and the ones in “When Calls the Heart.”

“It was very cool to play characters that are exploring the beginning stages of a relationship together! #Amelia and #Marcus are navigating things very differently than #minnie and #joseph do,” he wrote. “We had so much fun making this film together, for all of you!! Thank you to all the fans who have already been saying such positive things about #LegendOfTheLostLocket.”

The Cast Shared More Behind-the-Scenes Moments

The cast and crew had a lot of fun on set.

In one post Burnett joked: “Truth is…..Amelia’s true love was her hot water bottle! 🤪”


Andrea Stefancikova posted a selfie taken with Leacock and co-star Beverley Elliott, writing: “This was so much fun!!!”

She played Poppy in the movie and posted that it had been some time since she was last in a Hallmark movie.

“So it happened again, and it’s been a while since the last time,” she wrote. “I worked on a Hallmark movie, Legend of the Lost Locket. And really, I have to thank these two gentlemen for seeing me, believing in me and for pushing me as their #1 choice for Poppy.”

“One of the best souls I know !!” Leacock wrote about a co-star. “The incomparable @zaksantiago came out to play on our movie!! #LegendOfTheLostLocket put the “com” in “rom-com” with Zak’s help!! It was so fun to get @dirkgentlybbca #Gripps and #Cross together again!! #hearties, I’m sure y’all recognize Zak from his many on-screen gigs!! The man never stops working, and we were so lucky to get him!!”

A review from IMDB user athompsonblue, who also posted on Reddit, was absolutely glowing about the movie. It reads, in part: “The protagonist is an English antiques dealer who visits a small American town in search for the other half of a legendary locket. Surprisingly, the movie turned out to be a cross between romantic comedy and crime mystery. This movie is something new and refreshing from Hallmark. And it’s an excellent way to kill 80 minutes…”

Meet the Cast

"Legend of the Lost Locket"

Hallmark“Legend of the Lost Locket”

Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

London-based antiques expert Amelia Scott (Burnett) is on the hunt for a long-lost antique locket that legend says will grant the wearer true love. Her late mother started the quest and Amelia is bound and determined to see it through. Amelia’s search takes her to a small town in Massachusetts, where she immediately clashes with Sheriff Marcus Forrest (Leacock), who questions her motives and interest in the town’s history. After a somewhat rocky start, Sheriff Forrest begins to recognize what acquiring the iconic locket can mean to the local community, so he joins Amelia in the race to find the antique before any of the competition can decipher the clues and beat them to the treasure. As their pursuit of the locket intensifies, so do their feelings for each other. From the Boston art world to participation in the town’s annual Founder’s Day costume ball, their search for the fabled locket inspires Amelia and Marcus to follow their hearts to the ultimate treasure – true love.

Natasha Burnett plays Amelia. According to her bio, she’s a British actress and singer. From portraying Diana Ross in “The Magic of Motown” to her roles in Hallmark Channel films like “Legend of the Lost Locket,” she has a wide range of characters she’s played. She’s currenlty starring in Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” and has also made appearances in shows like “Supergirl” and ABC’s “The Good Doctor.” She currently lives in Canada.

Viv Leacock is Marcus. According to his bio, he’s a Canadian actor known for his work in film and TV. He has appeared in various roles across a range of genres, including comedy, drama, and animation. Leacock has credits in popular TV shows like “iZombie,” “Supernatural,” and “Psych,” as well as films such as “Are We There Yet?” and “The X-Files: I Want to Believe.” Part of the Hallmark family, Leacock began his Hallmark journey by starring alongside Kellie Martin in “Hailey Dean Mysteries.” This paved the way for a significant role in the series “When Calls the Heart,” where he shares the screen with two of his three children, Vienna and Elias Leacock.

Also starring in the movie, according to Hallmark’s press release:

  • Samantha Cole (Francine)
  • Kevin O’Grady (Jack)
  • Beverley Elliott (Aunt Enid)
  • Andrea Stefancikova (Poppy)
  • Hrothgar Mathews (Mayor Teasdale)
  • Isabel Birch (Hannah)
  • Christina Meredith Lewall (Claudia)
  • Zak Santiago (Luis)
  • Nic Westaway (James)
  • Lola Claire (Wilma)
  • Natalie Moon (Rebecca)

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