Hallmark’s Nikki DeLoach Says She’s Seen ‘Spirits & Ghosts’ All Her Life

Nikki DeLoach

Heavy/Getty Hallmark actress Nikki DeLoach

Though Halloween brings all kinds of spooky, spirited guests to homes across America each October, longtime Hallmark star Nikki DeLoach says she sees real “spirits and ghosts” fairly frequently, no matter the time of year.

DeLoach, whose next Hallmark movie is “A World Record Christmas,” premiering on November 16, 2023, has revealed in multiple interviews over the years that she’s received visitors from the “other side” since she was a child. Though it’s a gift she can’t quite explain, it’s something she and her loved ones have to come to not only accept but embrace.

Here’s what you need to know:

Nikki DeLoach Says Her Friends Jokingly Call Her a Witch Because of Her Special Gifts

“I have known of the ‘other side’ for a long time,” DeLoach told The Retaility in November 2022. “My friends call me a witch because, since I was a little kid, I was able to see actual spirits and ghosts. They still come to me and will want things or need things.”

For example, DeLoach said, “I will be able to walk into a house and be like, ‘Oh, someone is in here. Hi. Who are you?'”

Her good friend Andrew Walker, who co-stars with DeLoach in the “Curious Caterer” mystery franchise, is among those who have joked that the actress is a “witch,” not only because of her ability to connect with otherworldly presences, but because she has “visions” of the future, too.

“Her visions come true,” Walker told Us Weekly in February. “Nikki Deloach is a witch. She’s a witch living amongst us.”

In the fall of 2019, when the former “Mickey Mouse Club” star sat down for Jen Zaborowski’s “We Need To Talk About Britney” podcast, DeLoach broached the subject of otherworldly presences when a phone inexplicably started making noises in the background.

When Zaborowski suggested the interference might have been caused by her husband’s many devices, DeLoach countered, “There also could be something here. I tend to get, like — we were talking about other dimensions before we got on the mic — and I tend to have things come through and follow me.”

“Woah,” Zaborowski exclaimed, eager to hear more.

“Yeah, my whole life,” DeLoach said. “When I was a little kid I was so scared and I wouldn’t sleep alone. So I’d make my sister sleep in the same bed with me because I didn’t understand the things that I saw.”

DeLoach continued, “And then when I became an adult, I was like, ‘Oh, they’re angels. They’re people.’ And I was not scared of it anymore. But it happens all the time.”

Nikki DeLoach Says She Needed Help Getting a Spirit to Leave Her House

During her interview with Zaborowski, DeLoach said that her husband, entertainment lawyer Ryan Goodell, “didn’t believe for the longest time” in her ability to see and sense spirits — until one showed up in their home.

“We had a spirit in our house,” she said. “I was like, ‘Something’s in here and it’s not totally friendly and I can’t figure out what she wants. I know it’s a she.'”

Goodell, she said, brushed it off as his wife “just being weird” until he was home alone and odd things started to happen.

“He was home along and the lights were going on and off, and the doors were opening and shutting, and the air conditioning was being turned on and off. Like, all these things were happening and he texted me and was like, ‘Yep, you’re right. There’s something in the house. I want you to get rid of it.'”

DeLoach said she first called her friend Joe Towne, an actor who has also worked as a Feng Shui and space clearing advisor.

“He did a thing and it didn’t totally get rid of her,” DeLoach recalled. “And so then I had my friend Anne come and … we had to figure out what (the spirit) wanted. And essentially, what she had wanted was she had a little baby girl that was she was trying to, essentially, usher into the world. And she wanted me to be the carrier.”

DeLoach told Zaborowski that at the time, she had recently given birth to her youngest son, Bennett, who was born in 2017 with a serious heart condition requiring multiple surgeries.

“I had just had Bennett, my heart baby, who had just gone through heart surgery,” she said. “And I was like, ‘There is absolutely no way I’m having another child. We’re going to have to let her know that I’m not a safe person for this new baby. And we did and she went away and she’s never come back. I know that sounds really crazy.”

DeLoach has shared that she also pays close attention to signs from loved ones who have died. Since her dad’s 2021 death from Pick’s Disease, DeLoach has periodically shared how she senses him still in her life, though she’s said she deeply misses his physical presence.

In a July Instagram post, she wrote, “I’m trying hard to listen, because I know you are with me all the time. I can feel you, hear you. Thank you for the feathers. Thank you for protecting my family, just as you did here on earth. Thank you for guiding me in all I do.”

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