Pascale Hutton Teases: ‘New Suspects Emerge’ in Lucas Shooting Investigation on WCTH

Rosemary will encounter new obstacles soon.

Hallmark/Heavy Rosemary will encounter new obstacles soon.

Determining who was behind Lucas’ shooting has been a central plot point for “When Calls the Heart” season 11 so far. But Pascale Hutton, who portrays Rosemary, recently revealed that fans shouldn’t get too comfortable with who they currently think is behind everything.

Note: This article has spoilers through season 11 episode 3, and minor hints about future episodes.  

Hutton Said Viewers Will Be Less Sure About the Suspects as the Season Progresses

In an aftershow interview with TV Insider, Hutton said that viewers might think they know who’s behind Lucas’ shooting, but things will get murkier as the season continues.

“As this season goes on, I think what people will find is they might zero in on, ‘Oh, we think it’s this person. We think it is Montague who’s the mastermind,'” Hutton said. “But I will say as the season progresses, you’ll become less confident in that call, which I think is really great that Rosemary and Bill pursue it. But I think it’s also a testament to the writing that they don’t just basically give you the answer of who it is and then that’s the only path that’s being explored. New suspects emerge.”

She said that as Rosemary and Bill (Jack Wagner) investigate the shooting as a team, new plotlines unfold.

“They end up doing a really good job of turning over every stone in the investigation, and so they’re not willing to rule out him [Montague], but they’re also not willing to zero in on him either as the one and only suspect,” she said. “And so they’re going to pursue other avenues as well.”

In season 11 episode 3, Rosemary had a phone interview with Montague that left him looking extra suspicious as the mastermind behind Lucas’ shooting. Bill was a bit uncomfortable with how she handled that, but the two are working together more closely now. Hutton said she likes this because Wagner’s such a great actor.

“I just loved it,” she said. “I think he’s a fantastic actor. I think he’s very generous… Both of us are happy to run lines and run it many, many times so that it’s very smooth once we get into the room.”

Hutton added that by the end of the season, things will get messy and difficult for Rosemary.

“It does end up culminating in a mess for Rosemary,” she told TV Insider. “She’s not in a good situation by the end of the season, and I think it really catches her off guard, her circumstances that she ends up in.”

Rosemary’s Rivalry with Another Reporter Also Takes an ‘Unexpected Turn’

This season Rosemary’s had an ongoing rivalry with a reporter from another town, Randall, who keeps getting scoops on her.

“That relationship with Rosemary and Randall takes a very unexpected turn near the end of the season that it surprised me when I read it,” she hinted. “And I think it’ll surprise viewers when they watch it. It’s not romantic. There is an unexpected turn that is still a rivalry, but not so maybe antagonistic.”

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