‘Retreat to You’ Behind-the-Scenes: Filming Locations & Cast Stories

"Retreat to You"

Hallmark "Retreat to You"

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “Retreat to You,” premieres on Saturday, September 27, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Emilie Ullerup, Meghan Heffern, Peter Mooney and Donald Heng. Read on to learn all about where the movie was filmed and to see behind-the-scenes stories.

‘Retreat to You’ Was Filmed in Alberta, Canada

"Retreat to You"

Hallmark“Retreat to You”

Part of the “Fall into Love” lineup, Retreat to You was filmed in Alberta, Canada, where filming began on July 7, according to the FTIA (Film & Television Industry Alliance). The movie was also shot in parts of British Columbia, as stated by Front Street Pictures, but it’s unclear just how much was filmed in that province.

This is probably due to the fact that since Alberta and British Columbia are neighbors, and the film was shot in mountainous regions, the production team was most likely close to both the BC and Alberta borders.

Actress Emilie Ullerup shared a few selfies with her co-workers on Instagram.

“Thinking back to these good times. All awesome humans. Peter Mooney I see you hiding your snack,” she wrote.

Actor Chris Gauthier shared an Instagram reel revealing that they filmed in Calgary at one point.

David James also shared a photo while they were in Kananaski Country on July 8, which borders Banff and the Town of Canmore, in Alberta.

“Soooooooo this is a thing. Well played @kananaskisgolf *slow clap,” James wrote.

He also posted this selfie with a pretty neat reflection in his shades!

“Hanging with this incredibly generous beauty of an Albertan. Goddamn you gotta love Canadian human beings!!” he wrote.

Actress Meghan Heffern shared her sadness about leaving the crew behind once they were finished.

“Some shows are harder to say goodbye to,” she wrote.

Costume designer Shanna Mair commented, “Film is so glamorous!”

She also commented that she had missed working with some of the cast members, writing: “so happy to see these humans again! My Chesapeake family I miss so much.”

Meet the Cast

"Retreat to You"

Hallmark“Retreat to You”

Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

Abby and Sean used to be best friends. Years later, they meet again at a retreat, and when they get separated from the group while hiking, they must work together to find their way back.

Emilie Ullerup plays Abby. According to her bio, she’s a Danish-Canadian actress best known for her work in television. She gained recognition for her role as Ashley Magnus on the science fiction TV series “Sanctuary,” which aired from 2008 to 2011. She has also starred in other TV shows and movies, including “Arctic Air,” “Chesapeake Shores,” and “A Little Christmas Charm.”She also starred in “jPod,” which earned her the prestigious Best Female Lead in a Dramatic Series award at the Leo Awards.

Ullerup recently shared on social media that it had been eight years since her marriage to director and filmmaker Kyle Cassie.

“8 years married, 16 years together,” she wrote. “Wish I could find a photo from back then but my iPhone library doesn’t date that far back 😋 I love what we have built. I love where we are going. I love you.”

Peter Mooney plays Sean. According to his bio, he’s known for starring in the series “Rookie Blue” for three seasons. Following this, he embarked on a three-season journey in the medical drama “Saving Hope” and then took on another three-season stint in “Burden of Truth.” Mooney’s versatile career also includes his role in the Starz TV series “Camelot” and numerous guest appearances in shows like “Wynonna Earp,” “Heroes Reborn,” “Republic of Doyle,” “Heartland,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Played,” and “CSI: Miami.”Before this, Mooney was in projects like “The Tower” and “ZOS: Zone of Separation,” and he took the lead in the series “Falcon Beach” for two seasons. In addition to his TV work, he’s made his mark in feature films, including titles such as “Betting on the Bride,” “Catch and Release,” and “The Prodigy.”

Meghan Heffern is Rachel in the movie. According to her bio, she starred in the web series “How to Buy a Baby,” which had International Emmy nominations. She’s also been on “Wynonna Earp,” “Designated Survivor,” “UnREAL,” “Lost Girl,” “Reign,” and more.

Donald Heng stars as Chef Mason in the movie. According to his bio, he’s had a number of supporting Hallmark roles, including in “Beverly Hills Wedding” and “Homecoming for the Holidays.” He’s also had roles on “The Flash,” “Virgin River,” “The Sinner,” “Family Law,” “Kung Fu,” “American Dreamer,” and more.

Also starring in the movie, according to Hallmark’s press release, are:

  • David James Lewis (Bart)
  • Chantal Perron (Barb)
  • Chris Gauthier (Randy)
  • Brianna Johnston (Lucy)
  • Jenny Steele (Yoga Instructor)
  • Carlo Cuizon (Attendant)
  • Molly Saunders (Young Abby)
  • Brandon McEwan (Young Sean)
  • Carson Pound (Dylan)

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