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Hallmark Ride

The Hallmark Channel’s newest series, “Ride,” premieres on Sunday, March 26, at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. The series stars Nancy Travis, Tiera Skovbye, Sara Garcia, Beau Mirchoff, and Jake Foy. Read on to learn all about where “Ride” was filmed and see behind-the-scenes stories from the cast.

‘Ride’ Was Filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

With the tagline “Never Let Go”, “Ride” was filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, according to IMDb. The series is 10 episodes long.

In this sneak peek, Jake Foy — who plays Tuff McMurray in the series — comments, “We’re really on a ranch in the Rockies, we’re really in the ring with bulls and bullfighters.”

The series promises action and edge-of-your-seat moments as you follow the lives of several characters trying to save a ranch. The trailer alone is filled with a roller coaster of emotions. You can also catch a glimpse of the beautiful scenery that the Rockies have to display.

The series is a Seven24 Films Production, which is located in Calgary, Alberta. They are responsible for the productions of movies such as “Brokeback Mountain,” “The Assassination of Jesse James,” and series like “Heartland.”

This cute cat in the tweet below was part of the crew on set, it seems! The Twitter account KeepABRolling posted this behind-the-scene cuteness.

A post by Director Paolo Barzman confirmed that filming was taking place more specifically in High River, Alberta, when he posted this picture from the set of “Ride.”

High River is located just outside of the Rockies on the flatter parts of Alberta, just outside of Calgary. It is the perfect place to film if you are in need of mountains in a scenic background.

High River Online confirmed that crews were at High River grounds in August, and Diamond Valley in October.

Back in August, actress Nancy Travis posted this picture on Instagram. She’s been posting pictures on her account since then, as they progressed through filming.

“Just a girl on her ranch #RIDE,” she wrote.

“Mama and Papa making sure I am ok to see their baby. Magical,” she shared.

“Looking forward to the weekend #labordayweekend,” she posted.

“Good Morning, Rockies,” she shared, tagging Calgary.

“First snow, clear skies, happy horses and … my birthday 🥳. #RIDE #grateful #stillcrazyafteralltheseyears,” she wrote in another post.

“Magical light and colors at McMurray Ranch,” she wrote, sharing a beautiful photo.

“My last day on ‘Ride’ – gonna miss these ladies,” she shared on November 21.

Tiera Skovbye posted these beautiful pictures on her own Instagram account,

“It’s a shame that where I work is so ugly 🤭” she joked.

“Wrapped RIDE season one, 3 weeks ago now…which is still not enough time to properly put into words what this show and the people I got to make it with mean to me. I truly can’t wait for you all to watch this beautiful show in 2023!!” she shared with her followers.

Beau Mirchoff also took us on a Ride through pictures!

“I want to be Josey Wales but I smile too much,” he confessed.

“Most people don’t know this, but since 3 months ago, I’ve always wanted to be a bull rider,” he posted.

Jake Foy posted pictures after wrapping up Season 1 in November. On November 24 he wrote, “aaand THAT’S A WRAP! 🎬💫 Excited for y’all to meet Tuff McMurray… Season 1 of #RIDE is officially #ComingSoon 📺🍿”

“step on the gas. ⛽️” he shared in another post.

“#EverySecondCounts when there’s less than a month ‘til this troublemaker’s in your living room! 🤠📺✨” he posted.

“This family changed my life; and I can’t wait for them to change yours too… 💛🌅” he wrote.

Sara Alicia also shared a few pictures recently. She wrote for one: “So excited for you all to meet the incredible McMurray fam.”

“Family is who you choose …and Val choose this one,” she shared.

She wrote “#ranchlife” for another.

“I’m feeling really grateful to get to wake up and go to work in this environment every day,” she posted.

She posted a photo with their cat co-star too.

“Loving life out west,” she posted.

“Rows upon rows, where they stop nobody knows…” Garcia wrote.

“Welcome to the McMurray’s!” Garcia wrote, sharing a stunning scenic photo.

“I’m new to horses but I think it’s going well? 😅… come along this ride with me!🐎” she said in another post.


Meet the Cast

Hallmark’s detailed synopsis reads:

Isabel McMurray (Travis) is the matriarch of a small-town ranching family going back a generation. After losing her husband years ago, she has resiliently kept the ranch afloat and singlehandedly raised their three sons: illustrious champion Austin (Marcus Rosner, “Valentine in the Vineyard”), servicemember Cash (Mirchoff) and ever-dependable Tuff (Foy). Over the years, the family has grown to include Austin’s talented wife Missy (Skovbye) and Valeria (Garcia), a one-time runaway the family had taken in. One day, just as Cash returns home, tragedy strikes, leaving Missy a widow, the family grieving and leading Valeria to leave town without a word. A year later, as the McMurrays continue to grieve, the fate of their ranch is uncertain. Cash, who has spent a lifetime in his brother’s shadow, considers stepping into his shoes to save it – a decision complicated by Cash’s long simmering feelings for Missy. Missy struggles with her place in the family without Austin and considers new opportunities, while Isabel who has faced more than her fair share of loss, struggles with putting Cash at risk, even if it means losing her life’s work. Then Valeria reappears with more secrets than answers and the family faces an opportunity that could decide the fate of the ranch.

You can follow the family’s bios right here starting with Nancy Travis who plays Isabel McMurray.

Here are more details on the lead cast members.

Nancy Travis (Isabel) just finished appearing alongside Tim Allen in Fox’s “Last Man Standing,” according to her bio. The show started out on ABC. Travis got a degree in acting at New York University. Shortly after, she became a member of the touring company for “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” written by Neil Simon. “I’m Not Rappaport” on Broadway and Athol Fugard’s “My Children, My Africa” at the La Jolla Playhouse are only two of her many theatrical credits. Naked Angels, an off-Broadway theatre group, was established with her participation as a founding member.

Tiera Skovbye (Missy) most recently starred in two seasons of “Nurses,” according to her bio. The series followed five young nurses working on the frontlines of a busy downtown hospital. In addition, she played the younger version of the main character Betty Broderick in the second season of “Dirty John,” which aired on the USA Network.

While Skovbye was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, she has Scandinavian ancestry, and the majority of her extended family still lives in the Nordic countries of Sweden and Denmark, her bio shared. She was discovered by an agent at the Children’s Festival in Vancouver when she was only seven. She also started a career as a model at the age of 13, appearing in campaigns that included Asia and Europe.

Beau Mirchoff (Cash), started his acting career when he was 13 in the film “Scary Movie 4.” After appearing in many episodes of “Heartland,” he was offered the part of the male protagonist in the third installment of “The Grudge.” Following that, he relocated to Los Angeles. While he’s not at work, Mirchoff enjoys being outside and participating in a variety of sports and activities (often with his Labradoodle, Cali). He’s also a big fan of Seattle’s sports teams, his bio noted.

Sara Garcia (Valeria) gave up teaching to follow her dream of being a theater actor full-time, her bio shared. Her many credits have incldued “Man Seeking Woman,” “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,” “The Flash,” a recurring role in the “My Little Pony” franchise, “Reign,” “Falling Water,” and more. Her bio notes: “She is proudly and openly queer and is very open about how this has factored into her fascinating journey.”

Jake Foy (Tuff) is a stage and film actor, writer, producer, and director, according to his bio. At the age of 19, he starred in “High School Musical: On Stage.” This led him to apply for Sheridan College’s Music Theatre Performance Department,  just outside of Toronto. He participated in more than six different performances during the course of his three years of studies. His credits since graduating include “Designated Survivor,” “Reign,” “Eat, Drink & Be Married,” and more.

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