Where Was ‘The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating’ Filmed? See Cast Stories & Locations

The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating

Hallmark The Dog Lover's Guide to Dating

The Hallmark Channel’s first “New Year, New Movies” film, “The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating,” premieres on Sunday, January 1, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Rebecca Dalton and Corey Sevier. Read on to learn all about where it was filmed and the cast who are bringing the movie to life.

‘The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating’ Was Filmed in Canada

Part of the “New Year New Movies” programming event, “The Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating” is based on a book written by Deborah Wood. According to social media posts made during filming, the movie was filmed in Canada, including St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

In a Facebook post, actress Emily Stranges posted some behind-the-scenes pictures from Newfoundland.

Rebecca Dalton posted a few pictures on her Instagram account, sharing some behind-the-scenes moments.

“You exceeded my expectations #Newfoundland!! That’s a wrap 🎬” she wrote when they finished filming on September 2.

“Hiked the end of Canada 🇨🇦,” Dalton shared.

Eliza King, who plays Chloe in the movie, also posted a hiking picture.

“Signal Hill Trail is a lot more beautiful than I had remembered ⛰️☀” she wrote.

Saltwire reported that some other filming locations in the St. John’s Metropolitan area last August included Bannerman Park, Mount Pearl, Goulds, and Quidi Vidi.

Meet the Cast

Hallmark’s synopsis reads:

Alex (Dalton), a professional dog trainer is more enamored of her loyal four-legged clients than she is of their owners whom she never fully trusts. Her skepticism of a dog’s two-legged best friend makes for a difficult, or rather nonexistent, dating life for Alex. Simon (Sevier) has the opposite problem. He’s found the girl of his dreams; he just needs to win over her dog so they can live happily ever after. When he discovers Alex’s impeccable dog training skills, he convinces her to train him in the ways of the canine so he can show his girlfriend, Chloe, (Eliza King, “SurrealEstate”), and her beloved pug what a fun-loving pack leader he can be. Alex reluctantly agrees to help, not convinced that dog training can turn Simon’s dating life around. Alex’s focus is split as she has bigger problems and needs to raise enough money to save the local animal shelter. Simon jumps into action, eager to show off his marketing skills to Alex. She may know dogs, but he understands people and knows how to get their support. Together they throw a fundraising event in hopes of saving the shelter. As they spend more time together, Simon realizes he’s been barking up the wrong tree this whole time and he’s been surprisingly falling for Alex all along. Will their fundraiser be enough to keep the shelter open? And will Alex let Simon melt her heart with their new bond over their cold-nosed furry friends?

Rebecca Dalton plays Alex in the movie. According to her bio, after being a series regular in CTV’s “Spun Out” in 2013, she went on to play a recurring part in “Good Witch” on the Hallmark Channel. Additionally, Dalton has had guest appearances in the shows including “Life With Boys,” “The L.A. Complex,” “Degrassi: Minis,” “Working the Engels,” “Suits,” “Saving Hope,” and “Nurses.” Soon, you’ll be able to see Dalton in a recurring role on Don Cheadle’s “The Big Cigar.”

She’s had roles in a variety of TV movies too, including “Rocky Road,” “A Perfect Christmas,” “The Christmas Wedding Planner,” “Christmas in Paris,” “The Santa Squad,” “The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story,” and, most recently, “Christmas in Big Sky Country.”

She recently posted a series of pictures from Christmas Day, and it looks like she had a wonderful time.

Corey Sevier plays Simon. According to his bio, his roles have included “Northern Lights of Christmas” for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and “Grounded for Christmas” for Lifetime, as well as “Love in Translation,” “Love in Whitbrooke,” “Meet Me in New York,” “It Takes a Christmas Village” (which he also directed), and “The Secret Sauce.” He’s become a familiar face in the world of TV movies. Most recently, he appeared in “Road Trip Romance.” His career in feature films includes the character of Apollo in the movie “Immortals,” which was directed by Tarsem Singh, as well as “Decoys,” “The Northlander,” and “The Corruption of Divine Providence.”

Also starring in the movie are:

  • Emily Stranges (Sarah)
  • Justin Gerard Nurse (Jacob)
  • Eliza King (Chloe)
  • Pat Dempsey (Malcolm)
  • Mikaela Dyke (Jen)
  • Anshuman Pandey (Jeremy)
  • Alexis Koetting (Anne)
  • Santiago Guzman (Diego)
  • John Pike (Gabe)

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