‘When Calls the Heart’ Director Reveals the Year Season 9 Takes Place

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Fans of “When Calls the Heart” know that the series takes place in the early 1900s, but may not be certain of exactly what year. One of the Hallmark series’ directors revealed on social media what year season 9 takes place.

Season 9 of ‘When Calls the Heart’ Takes Place in 1919

On Twitter, director Peter DeLuise revealed that season 9 takes place in 1919, while season 1 took place in 1910.

He wrote, “Period wardrobe is always a challenge. Season 1 started in 1910. Season 9 starts in 1919. How much ankle will the women of Hope Valley dare to show? Our Wardrobe dept works miracles daily!”

Cars Are Becoming More Common in Hope Valley in Season 9

In season 9, cars are going to be a central theme. According to the Library of Congress, the first gasoline car powered by an internal combustion engine was invented in 1885/1886, and the first four-wheeled four-stroke gasoline engine was invented in 1886.

In Hope Valley, cars are becoming a bigger part of the picture in season 9. Several sneak peeks revealed that the Mounties are going to have to learn to drive a car, which Nathan is feeling reluctant about.

One video shows Bill informing Nathan that he’s going to have to learn to drive a car.

“I’m not giving up my horse,” Nathan protests in the clip first revealed in December.

Bill jokes, “Would you consider maybe giving up that mustache?”

DeLuise Has Shared Other Behind-the-Scenes Stories About the Show

In addition to talking about the year that the show takes place, DeLuise has shared other behind the scenes details about the show while filming.

DeLuise shared a photo on Twitter during filming that he titled simply “Lunch time at the Row Houses.” However, many fans missed the secret callout in the photo. Lucas’ car can be seen parked in front of Elizabeth’s row house.

DeLuise also shared on Twitter that the show finished filming its first block on August 9, 2021. He said that Siobhan Devine was the director for the second block of episodes.

On Instagram, DeLuise shared behind-the-scenes photos of Nathan and Lucas.

He also revealed a behind-the-scenes photo from a scene Chris McNally was filming as Lucas.

Along with the menu showing a selection of French cuisine options for the residents of Hope Valley.

He also revealed a photo of Laura and Elizabeth’s first scene together in season 9.

And he shared a behind-the-scenes photo of Mike and Fiona.

He also shared a photo from prep day one of the new season back in June. The very next day, Jamestown Movie Set shared on Facebook that a heat wave was heading for Canada that would include the MacInnes Farms location. Temperatures were expected to hit 113 degrees Fahrenheit, they wrote.

“The big news in Hope Valley is the heat wave that’s settled in for the foreseeable future! With temps predicted at 45C ((113F) set for Monday and nearly that hot on the days before and after, we predict a lot of sweat and remembering how January never did this to us! For those who are used to temps like this, you’re super heros. #yesiwanttobuildasnowman #popsiclesareafoodgroupright.”

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