Where Is Chuck (Greg Hovanessian) on ‘When Hope Calls’ Season 2?

Chuck on When Hope Calls

Crown Media Chuck on When Hope Calls

If you’re watching “When Hope Calls” season 2, “A Country Christmas,” then you no doubt noticed that Chuck (played by Greg Hovanessian) is missing from the first two episodes. What happened to him? Read on to learn what we know so far. “When Hope Calls,” the spinoff of Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” is airing its second season on GAC Family.

Chuck Left to Follow Grace

Chuck and Grace

Crown MediaChuck and Grace

Chuck Stewart, played by Greg Hovanessian, is the Brookfield town veterinarian, so he plays a very important role on “When Hope Calls.” He’s also the only son of Tess Stewart, and she pushed him quite a bit during the first season to take over her ranch before she ultimately handed over the job of being foreman over to Lucie Clay (Kalinka Petrie.)

During the “When Hope Calls” Hearties Christmas special that aired last week on GAC Family, Wendy Crewson (who portrays Tess Stewart) explained why Chuck isn’t on the first two episodes. She said that Tess is back but “Chuck, unfortunately, is not here.” She went on to explain that he left to “chase his love” (referring to Grace.)

When season 1 ended, Chuck had confessed that he had real feelings for Grace, but she was leaving town to help one of the orphans at her orphanage reunite with a long-lost grandparent in England. Because Grace is not returning for season 2 (or at the very least, for the first two episodes), it perhaps would have been awkward to have Chuck there without her. Chuck had been pursuing Grace throughout the first season, and experienced almost “love at first sight” when he first met her. They had a few arguments here and there, but things were progressing at a pretty steady pace between them as the season ended.

Season 2 revealed a surprising twist to their relationship: Grace and Chuck are married now and living in Europe.

In the first scene at the orphanage, Lillian tells the children a story of a “fair maiden” who’s really about Grace. She says the “valiant man” rushed to tell her how he felt. (This is referring to Chuck.) He missed her after she left and wrote her to profess his love. The kids mention something about the valiant man traveling in a boat and marrying the fair maiden. Later, when Lillian is talking to Abigail, she confirms that Grace is married (apparently to Chuck) and living in London now.

Hovanessian did not respond to comments on his Instagram account asking if he would be returning as Chuck at all in the second season.

Greg Hovanessian Is Involved in Numerous Projects Outside of ‘When Hope Calls’

Hovanessian is involved in a lot of projects outside of “When Hope Calls.” On December 2, he shared that he’s joining a new project.

Hovanessian is now part of Western that is being filmed in Montana called “The Redeemer.” The movie is directed by Myles Clohessy, and Hovanessian is starring alongside Brandon Routh (from “Nine Kittens of Christmas”), Robert Clohessy, Mo Brings Plenty, Eddie Spears, Chris Mulkey, Titus Welliver, Timothy V. Murphy, and Baylee Toney, Deadline reported. The movie takes place in the 1880s when Butch goes on a life-or-death mission to rescue his wife Aponi and daughter-in-law when they’re kidnapped by outlaws led by Calvary Captain Randall Ferguson. Hovanessian plays Butch’s son, James.

Hovanessian also starred as Beauchamp McCarry on “Another Life” on Netflix. His other credits include “The Mist” (Wes Foster), “Cardinal” (Zack), “UnREAL,” and more.

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